JR Smith: A National Treasure

JR Smith absolutely lit it up (puns) for the Cavs last night in their closeout game against the Toronto Raptors. He put up 15 points on 6-6 shooting, including 3-3 from three, arguably having his best shooting night of the post-season thus far. While his performance in Game 4 was strong, it’s what JR said after the game that has everybody talking about him right now:

JR is a known golfer, so obviously he’s talking about celebrating the series win with a nice round of 18. He’s even attributed golf to the improvements he’s made to his game recently:

But man oh man, could he have worded that just a little bit better? Probably. Of all the people to make an accidental weed reference on national television, it just had to be JR, right? You have to understand who JR Smith is exactly to get why this wouldn’t be funny if it were anybody else in the entire league. And if anyone thinks this is anything other than hilarious, you’re a narc. But for all we know, he very easily could have meant he was going to get high as shit after that game. Either which way, I love you JR Smith.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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