Johnny Manziel Was Hospitalized Last Night In Texas

Reports are coming from TMZ Sports that Johnny Manziel was in the hospital last night. His agent is blaming the incident on an adjustment in his prescribed medication which his body did not react to well.

Obviously, this is going to make most people pause when reading this headline because of his rough past in regards to medications, drug abuse, and alcohol. When I read it I immediately thought Johnny was back to his old BS and I would have been a little upset because I’m fully on board the Johnny Football Comeback Train.

I think it will be a wild story and one that is going to rock everything in the sports world if he comes back. And if he’s successful in the NFL… WOOF. Get the t-shirts rocking, baby.

Who knows what the prescribed medication is for and who cares. The guy revealed that he has bipolar disorder a few months back and he’s dealing with it. I am fully committed to being on this guy’s bandwagon right now. Bring back Johnny Football and let’s hope this kid makes a solid comeback.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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