Jon Marks and Ike Reese Tweeted Their List Of Their Least Favorite Phillies Since 2000 And I’m Here To Disagree

Listen, Philly is a tough place to play.  I will be the first one in line to complain about a good chunk of Phillies players since their downfall beginning in 2012.  And some of the names on this list deserve to be here.  Rod Barajas never showed any passion in Philadelphia, Andrew Knapp is a bum who couldn’t hit the ball from either side of the plate, and I think I hate Vince Velasquez more than anyone on the planet.  And don’t even get me started on Sean Rodriguez.  I mean for somebody who was a bench player on a .500 ball club he sure had a lot to say about the fans.

But some of the people on this list should not be on here and its a disgrace that they are mentioned with these other jabronis.  David Bell genuinely shocked me.  I mean he may not be the most likable guy in the world but he was a pretty decent Phillie.  Plus he had those flip up sunglasses, they were fun.  I always considered him an old school player in his few years in Philadelphia.  Also I saw him hit for the cycle in person once and that alone was enough to keep him off my list.

I don’t have as strong of an opinion about some of the other people on here, I just think they are unfairly on this list.  What did Delmon Young ever do to you?  Did we really think he was going to be a superstar in Philly?  He played like 80 games in for us.  And Pat Neshek?  You can’t put him on the list unless you’re putting every single bullpen pitcher that was on the roster the past 7 season on here as well.  I mean yeah he’s been hurt but he’s also filled in every bullpen role they’ve asked him to.  Take him off the list right this second.  What about Ben Revere?  Ben Revere was awesome, I loved that guy.  He was a defensive highlight reel and hit his first ever career home run as a member of the Phillies.  I mean seriously watch some of these highlights.

But don’t you fret, I have saved my most passionate disagreement for last.  You’re telling me that Downtown Dominic Brown is hated?  You shut your stupid mouth.  Lock them up and throw away the key.  There was a reason the Phillies would not trade him for Jose Bautista.  He was electric.  He hit a billion home runs that one month, remember that?  Sure he didn’t pan out as the number one prospect in baseball but they can never take that month away from us.  I know it sounds like I am joking but I assure you I am not.  I will defend Dom Brown until the day I die.  Watch these highlights and tell me he should be on this list, I dare you.  You can’t, I will hear none of this slander.  Shame on you.

By now I bet you on the edge of your seat waiting and clamoring for my list of least favorite Phillies since 2000.  Oh I have a list.  It is in no particular order except the order in which they popped in my head.

  1. Vince Velasquez – duh
  2. Andrew Knapp – bum
  3. Rod Barajas – lethargic bum
  4. Hunter Pence – looked like a dum dum when he played baseball
  5. Odubel Herrera – domestic violence, yikes
  6.  Jason Werth – Werthless bum who went to the Nationals
  7. Caesar Hernandez – wanted to be nonchalant like Cano but sucked
  8. Ruben Amaro Jr. – not a player but destroyed the Phillies and I’m not over it
  9. Darin Ruf – he was supposed to be good, what happened?
  10. Mike Trout – Never played for the Phillies but everyone thought he would so I’m mad at him

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