This Red Sox Payroll Graphic Might Make You Throw Up!

I know this is a time where we’re supposed to find good things to talk about. But this graphic that Fox Sports displayed on Twitter, might just make me throw up!

This list is unreal on the surface. Let’s view each case individually.

Chris Sale: 30 Million

30 million dollars for a guy that won’t throw a pitch for the Red Sox in 2020? Holy crap! I mean honestly, that’s just absurd. Look, I love Chris Sale. He’s my favorite Red Sox player. But the fact that Sale will get 30 million for getting Tommy John is a bit…strange? Unfair? I don’t even know how to describe it. Maybe you get lucky and have Sale miss a very reduced 2020 MLB season. But if the season ends up being anywhere from 100-144 games, then losing Sale and giving him 30 million is a double whammy.

David Price: 16 Million

David Price is now living his best life in Los Angeles. He’s finally away from the Red Sox media. The Red Sox and Dodgers have two of the highest payrolls in baseball. It would have been nice to get the Dodgers to take on more of Price’s contract in the trade. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with half of Price’s contract moving forward. Man, do I wish David Price was still a Red Sox right now with the way the rotation is looking!

Rusney Castillo: 14.27 Million

This one personally pisses me off the most. A lot of people say Sandoval’s contract was the worst in team history. We’ll get to him later, But Castillo in my eyes was the worst of him all. 14.27 million for a guy that might not even crack the Major League roster?! Are you kidding me? At least Sandoval won a few World Series and played a role in those championship teams. Castillo might get a shot at playing a little bit of outfield this season, and even THAT is a stretch. This is the one signing I wish the Red Sox could have a do-over on.

Dustin Pedroia: 13.125 Million

Listen, I love Dustin Pedroia as much as the rest of you. But, he’s not stepping on a field anytime soon. Pedroia hasn’t been right for a few years now. He can easily give it up and secure a job in the Red Sox front office. The problem is that he loves the game of baseball too much. He’s out to prove a point. But, what does he have left to prove? Give it up Dustin and give the Red Sox some extra money to use to sign other pieces that they need. Thanks for the memories, but move onto the next stage of your baseball career, off of the field.

Pablo Sandoval: 5 Million

Sandoval getting any money from the Red Sox is frustrating. The only silver lining here is that it’s five million. We all know how well the Sandoval experiment went in Boston. He failed, plain and simple. He couldn’t hit, couldn’t field, and couldn’t keep his belt on. Sounds like a failed signing to me! This one was bad, I’ll give you all that. But let me tell you something, Castillo’s is a lot worse in my opinion!

Manny Ramirez: 2 Million

This is the only one I’m not too upset about. It’s almost like Bobby Bonilla’s deal with the Mets. I’m thinking, “Manny really still gets money from the Red Sox?” It’s one of those, “oh really?”, type of moments. When you mashed baseballs like Manny did for the Red Sox back in the day, it’s not the worst thing to give him two million for his contributions. That’ll be off the books soon, I’m sure.

In Conclusion

It’s unreal how much money the Red Sox owe players who won’t suit up for them in 2020. 80 million dollars for six players?

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This off-season just never ceases to end. Opening day was supposed to be today, so that makes me even sadder. So to end this on a positive note, here’s a clip of Opening day highlights from last season.


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-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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