Johnny Manziel Has Done The Impossible

Johnny Football as done the impossible. He has been kicked out of Canada.


Not really.

Well, sorta.

More specifically Johnny Manziel has been released by the Montreal Alouettes, and has been barred from signing with any other Canadian Football League team.

Boom. Kicked out of Canada. He’s not the first, my brother and my Dad were once for a fight at a youth hockey game. But whatever Johnny did was clearly much worse. It’s one thing to be released by your team, but in his contract he had certain provisions that made him eligible to play in the CFL that he “violated”, thus barring him from playing in the league. The guy was playing in Montreal, the possibilities of what he did are endless.

It’s pretty hard to piss off Canadians. But whatever he did pissed off enough Canadians that they won’t let him play in their league anymore. Yikes.

Where does he go from here?

Luckily it seems like up-start football leagues are all the rage right now. Manziel will have the choice between the XFL and the AAF.

Kinda .

Not really.

Well, sorta.


He may not be able to join the XFL. League founder Vince McMahon has made it clear that he will be banning players with any criminal record. Johnny happens to fall into that category.

Could the XFL make an exception for such a polarizing player. Perhaps, and they probably should. The safer bet however would be for Manziel to go all-in on the AAF.


Despite the shaky start the AAF has had (almost missing payroll and going bankrupt weeks into its inaugural season) the league may be just what Manziel needs. Manziel may also be exactly what the AAF needs.

Right now the Alliance is missing that star power. What the league needs is some coach who’s going to open up an offense to look like it’s college ball, and let Manziel go back to being Johnny F-ing Football. Running around the pocket, fumbling the ball and picking it back up. Dude’s a rollercoaster of in game emotion on every play, don’t hold him back.

Comeback SZN is down, again, but not out just yet.

-Dillon Leary



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