Jimmy Garoppolo To The Patriots Is Inevitable

With the 2021 NFL Draft scheduled for tomorrow, we have seen a lot of trades from teams looking for their next franchise player.  Most notable, San Francisco traded with Miami to obtain the number 3 pick.  We all know Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson are going 1 and 2.  Which would then leave San Francisco in a tough situation.  Do you draft and offensive lineman like Penei Sewell or draft a quarterback.  We all know how much Kyle Shanahan loves Mac Jones, QB from Alabama, and with this love interest only a day away, what will happen with Jimmy Garoppolo?

I want to go on record here and say that Garoppolo is a good QB.  I think he was just put into a weird situation in SF and couldn’t stay healthy.  Outside of that 2020 Super Bowl run, the 49ers weren’t good in that stretch.  They never really went out and got him help.  But you know who went out this year and got some help??  Bill Belichick and the Patriots did!

Dale Arnold, who is a Boston sports radio guy, is a reliable and trusty source.  I think this will get done by tomorrow and it will most likely involve the Patriots pick at number 15 or a future.  If it is a future and they get to keep 15, then they should be geared up to draft a receiver to help Garoppolo down the field.

This would be a “no-shit” trade.  Of course Belichick is going to trade for a guy who knows his system to someone he has to teach.  Not to mention, Garoppolo can throw a football.  Trading for Garoppolo does two things.  1.) it speeds up the rebuild process by not having a rookie QB take over and have to learn, and 2.) it makes us instantly better than last year.

I fully expect this trade to be done!  As much as I wanted to see Mac Jones, Kyle Trask, or Justin Fields in a Patriots uniform, if you have the chance to trade for someone who is literally “your guy” then you do it.

-John (Uncle_mac4)

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