Red Sox Rocking With 4th Overall Pick

Unless you live on Mars and don’t use any social media or watch any TV, you know that the best minor league team in baseba is sorry, the best college baseball team in the country has 2 of the best pitchers on their staff. Both of which could EASILY be the number 1 overall pick. Well, what if I told you one of these guys is projected to fall to number 4? What if I told you that the owner of that number 4 pick is the Boston Red Sox. Hold on to your butts because both of these things could be very true.

Kumar Rocker

Again, unless you live under a rock, everyone knows who this guy is. He is electric. The 21-year-old Junior at Vanderbilt captivated the nation by throwing a no-hitter against Duke during the Super Regionals in 2019. He was robbed of his sophomore season due to covid but hasn’t missed a beat picking up right where he left off by posting a 1.55 ERA over 64 innings pitched, all while striking out 89 batters. As I said, he is electric. The 6’4 255lb Right-hander possesses a fastball that sits in the upper 90’s and tops out at 99, along with a wipe-out slider and a solid changeup that, by all accounts, plenty of room to improve as he progresses through his career.

Mock Drafts Have Him Falling To 4

For the second week in a row, a mock draft has been released, with Kumar falling to the number 4 overall pick. Rocker could easily be the number 1 overall pick. Still, it seems like teammate Jack Leiter, son of former MLB Pitcher and current MLB Network Analyst Al Leiter, is going number 1 overall. Both Rocker and Leiter deserve to go number 1 overall, and the fact that they are on the same team is just downright criminal. Leiter himself threw a no-no this year and has been every bit as impressive as Rocker.


I don’t see this happening. This is a Sox fan’s absolute dream to have Rocker fall to us. I’d love every second of it.  Why I say it won’t happen is strickly because Rocker has the potential and makeup to be a generational talent. Pitching is king in baseball, so I don’t see 2 other teams passing on Rocker and letting him fall. That being said, though, please God, let this happen! Rocker isn’t far off from being MLB ready; hell, if anything, he could probably step in and help in some capacity this year. My focus, though, is next year. If Rocker falls to us, our rotation has the potential to look something like Chris Sale, E-Rod, Nathan Eovaldi, Nick Pivetta, and Kumar Rocker. Good luck to all the AL hitters if that’s the rotation. Bloom, find a way to get this man in a Red Sox uniform if you know what’s good for you!

-Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)) 

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