Jimmy Butler Went Bananas at Timberwolves Practice Today

There is clearly A LOT to cover in this blog, so let’s just get right to it.

One of the biggest stories in the NBA right now is centered around Jimmy Butler and his desire to be traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves after just one season with the organization. The Wolves are demanding a kings ransom in any deal for the 4x NBA All-Star, which has sort of stalled trade discussions up to this point. With trade talks dying down over the last few days, Butler decided he would participate in Wolves practice this afternoon, and oh boy it did not go well.

Butler reportedly berated his teammates, coaches, and front office members. He then held nothing back in an exclusive interview with ESPN just hours after concluding practice. There’s way more than just the clip I included from his sit down with Rachel Nichols, but I don’t want to saturate this blog with all of it. Look it up on your own you lazy bums.

My initial thoughts: I wasn’t a fan of his when all of this shit started, but I think I’m all in on Jimmy Butler now. This guy is a full-blown psychopath that is more obsessed with basketball than 2012 pre-teens were with Justin Bieber. He went into that gym, disrespected every single Wolves starter and coach, then just dropped the mic and walked out. How does any young player on this Wolves team now or in the future show respect towards KAT and Wiggins after this? Jimmy Butler took their manhood and is going to run away with it all the way down to Miami. What a fucking legend.

The best part? Members of the Wolves front office and coaching staff actually LOVED this:

That last clip clearly proves just how delusional the entire Timberwolves organization really is. Sure, the guy is wicked intense, but it’s almost to a fault. Van Gundy went on to say that although the team loved what he brought to practice today, he believes they can’t have that every day, which I 100% agree with. Jimmy Butler is an evil genius that needs to be traded immediately before he makes things any more toxic than they already are. Soon, players like Towns and Wiggins are going to get irritated. The Wolves are committed to BOTH of those guys for at least the next four seasons, so I feel like making them happy should be priority number one.

I love what Butler did today, but only from a fans standpoint. There has to be a line drawn in the sand at some point between the organization and this player. I think that Minnesota needs to get their heads out of their own asses and ship him out of town before things get any worse than they already are. Take that offer from Miami (Josh Richardson and a 1st) before it’s too late.

This story just continues to prove my point that the NBA is the most interesting pro sports league on and off the court. Nothing can top it.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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