Jaylen Brown is Improving His Trade Stock Lately

So this came out the other day about superstar Anthony Davis.

Davis wants out of New Orleans and one team that has been drooling at the mouth to get him for years now is the Boston Celtics. The Celtics will certainly have to part ways with a lot of their younger assets. One young asset that is proving to be a very worthy trade piece is Jaylen Brown.

Brown did have a rough beginning of the season for the Celtics with the return of Gordon Hayward. But lately, Jaylen is going back to being Jaylen and then some.

Lately, Jaylen Brown Has Been Scoring!

In his last 26 games, Jaylen has 20 points in 9 of them. In his last three games, he has really been heating up as well.

However, There is One Little Problem…

Now, we all know that the Celtics have to wait for the season to end if they want any possibility of having Davis join and play alongside Kyrie Irving. BUT, having Brown show up lately is a very good sign for the Celtics. He is proving he can find different ways to score and get involved in the offense like he did last season.

Is he the piece that will be the selling point of an A.D. trade? No, not a chance! But, he can be a huge supporting piece when he does things like this:

and like this:

In Conclusion:

It’s your move, New Orleans. You know what to do now! Wait until the off-season and have who you want for young pieces. (Except Jayson Tatum please!) Then, you can let Brown do things, like in the videos above, night in and night out.

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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