How can the Rams beat the Patriots in Super Bowl 53?

We have a full Super Bowl preview coming out on Friday like usual, so I’m just going to focus on some keys for the Rams if they want to win the Super Bowl. For me, the Rams’ keys to success boils down to three big points.

1. Don’t play zone

The Patriots are notorious for shredding teams who play a zone. For some reasons, time and time again, teams think that rushing 4 and dropping 7 is the key to beat the Patriots.

However, the Patriots have shown that if a defense decides on a zone heavy gameplan, they will lose. The Rams have some talented corners and have the ability to play with the Patriots’ receivers (specifically Edelman). If they can keep Edelman from running wide open across the middle of the field, the Rams will be in good shape defensively

2. Pressure Brady

Obviously with any team, pressuring the quarterback is the key to winning. However, this is even more the case with the Patriots. Tom Brady is actually worse against pressure than the average quarterback. This year, he was ranked 32nd in the league against the blitz (5+ rushers). However, if the Chargers and Chiefs (who both have great pass rushers) can’t get to him, then how can the Rams? The key is Aaron Donald.

The Chargers’ and Chiefs’ rushers are from the outside. This makes them easier to stop, since you can have someone like Gronk chip them and slow them down just enough.

However, Donald is a premier rusher who primarily rushes from the inside. This makes him considerably tougher to block since it’s tougher to get help in the middle of the line. The best they might be able to do is use a running back to chip, which may not be enough to stop someone like Donald.

3. Stay Balanced on Offense

The Patriots defense has looked great for most of this postseason. However, the Chiefs showed that they are beatable, as they were able to put up 31 points in the second half. The Rams need to make sure to be patient and stick with their gameplan.

If they get down quick, don’t give up on the run. Jared Goff is a good quarterback but he’s not going to be able to shoulder the load. Sean McVay needs to stick with what’s made the Rams successful: a consistent and varied run game. Get the ball to Gurley, get the ball to Anderson, and get the ball to your receivers on the end around. This will keep the Patriots honest and open things up for Goff.

Obviously, doing these things is easier said than done for the Rams. Especially when you have legendary coach and genius Bill Belichick on the other sideline.

However, the Rams have their own prodigal coach on the sidelines who’s also been labeled a genius. With two football genius’ going head to head, this game could end up being the most exciting chess match of all time.

-Stephen Brown III (-sbtrey23)

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