Takeaways From Patriots Media Day at the Super Bowl

It’s a day that we all look forward to as Patriots fans…eh, not really. But, it still is fun to watch. The Patriots and Rams both took stage for media questioning on Monday night. From the silliest of questions to questions about the actual game, players from both teams seemed to be smiling from ear to ear. So what did you miss if you didn’t happen to tune in? Let’s get you caught up with some takeaways from the Patriots side.

Tom Brady is Funny, Yet Also Very Much for the Kids

We all know that Tom Brady is about as professional as they come when regarding interviews. Brady also can be playful and funny when the moment is right. Take for example when he was asked about advice he would give Rams quarterback Jared Goff on playing the “big, bad Patriots”.

That’s about as cold-blooded as Tom Brady can get and I love it! Don’t give the opposition any ammo to use for Sunday. Tom Brady is playing chess while Jared Goff is playing checkers.

But we also have to remember that Brady is a dad (sorry ladies). He has a sensitive side and knows how to handle being around kids. When there was a kid reporter asking him all sorts of questions, Brady handled it just about how you would expect him to handle it.

Another great message to his haters while being a role model to the youth! Tom Brady, you have outdone yourself again.

Even if you can’t stand him on the field, off of the field, you can’t help but have so much respect for him with the way he conducts himself.

Rob Gronkowski is as Goofy as Ever!

Whether is it motorboating Michael Irvin or answering a question about the number 69, (Nice!) Rob Gronkowski is a media treasure. He loves being in the spotlight and just having fun with the media. Whether or not this is Gronk’s last game as a New England Patriot, we can’t help but love how he is just himself and loves interacting with the media and his fans. Rob Gronkowski, don’t ever change sir!

The NFL Just LOVES to Hold Grudges Against Other Media Companies

The NFL and world renowned social media company Barstool Sports continue to have the grudge of the century. Barstool founder Dave Portnoy and noted podcaster/blogger PFT Commenter both found themselves inside of media day…only to be kicked out immediately afterwards. This has been going on since Deflategate when Portnoy and three other Barstool members held a protest against Roger Goddell in New York City. It seems ridiculous that the NFL just can’t let it go and still have to resort to kicking Portnoy and his workers out because they’re not “media credentialed”. Get out of here with that!

But overall, it was an interesting and fun experience for the first media night. I’m sure there will be more funny quotes and big headlines that will be out and about throughout the week. To get you through the day with a laugh, here is a throwback of Tom Brady getting a marriage proposal during a Super Bowl media day back in 2011. (We’ll just forget how that game ended!)

You can’t make this stuff up!

-Alan Nahigian (BigAl2793)

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