Jarrett Jack Says Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis Are Going to the Lakers


Now let’s not overreact here. We can panic, definitely, but no need to overreact. Sure, Jarrett Jack was the first guy that Durant talked to before going to Golden State, but its not like he’s some trusted NBA insider like Adrian Wojnarowski:

You see that? That’s a man that NBA players trust with their biggest stories. I mean come on, you think Durant is telling some 13 year veteran about his future plans over the Woj man? Inconceivable.

Lets just pretend Jarrett Jack does in fact have his ear to the wall here. Obviously this was the Lakers plan all along, Bring in LeBron and big names will follow. Durant looked out of the question at the start of the season, coming off his second championship with the Warriors, it was likely for him to resign with the team. Then this week happened:





Look, you can’t call Durant a bitch, because he knows he’s a bitch. Some players make their careers on being the bad guy, Durant has made his on being the bitch who averages 30 a game. I crunched some numbers and statistically speaking, Durant is the greatest bitch to ever play the game, in fact, he’s the baseline for the Greatness to Bitch Scale:

As you can see, its in a chart, therefore its a fact.

Yeah, so Draymond went off running his mouth, calling Durant things that literally everyone has called him since leaving OKC. So now what’s Durant gonna do? He’s gonna just go and join an even better super team, which will surely stop all this “bitch” talk.

For the Lakers side of things here, getting Durant is the easy part. He is a free agent at the end of the season and is looking more likely to be making his move down to LA. Anthony Davis is where it gets a little tricky. He’s still under contract with the Pelicans until 2021, so they’ll have to trade for him. Let’s head over to the fancy NBA Trade Machine to find out how that’ll work for the Lakers:


I mean, this couldn’t work out better for the Lakers. They get Davis and get rid of every single bum on their team. The NBA is shifting to a small ball league, and what’s smaller than rolling out a 3 man starting lineup? Its obvious the Lakers are playing chess while the rest of the league is playing checkers.

-Riley Banks (@rileybanks10)

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