Jared Porter Fired for Vile and Disgusting Behavior

Steve Cohen and the New York Mets fired General Manager Jared Porter early this morning. While we were all sleeping, it broke that Porter had sent unsolicited messages and pictures that were highly inappropriate and disgusting to a female reporter back in 2016. Cohen and the Mets acted quickly once the news was made public.

Jared Porter was terminated this morning and will most likely never be able to get a job in baseball ever again. As a member of the Cubs organization, Porter was one of Theo Epstein’s most trusted advisors. However, no one who exhibits this kind of behavior deserves to have a job in baseball.

Possible Replacements

With Porter now gone, the Mets may look to fill the void at general manager. I see two options as the most likely. The first one is rather simple; do nothing and let Sandy Alderson handle the responsibilities for one season. However, the Mets may choose to promote Zack Scott, the assistant GM. Scott was the runner up for the position when Porter was hired. I am not sure where the Mets stand in making this kind of decision. They obviously liked Scott enough to bring him on board so he may be the guy. But honestly, I would be okay with either one. Alderson certainly knows how to run a baseball team, but Scott may be the long term answer at the position.

Final Thoughts

Porter is a disgusting human being. This behavior should never be tolerated and the Mets did the right thing in terminating him. However, the Mets are not dismissed of all fault in this situation. In their interview process and vetting stage, the Mets got rave reviews regarding Porter’s character. However, there is one glaring issue. They reportedly did not ask any women Porter worked with about his character. That one act may have completely changed the game and this may have come out much sooner. Porter may be facing a suspension from baseball which would mean he is unable to get a job in baseball without formal reinstatement. People like him do not belong in baseball. People like him do not belong in society.

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