WATCH: Vikings Fan Goes Through Every Emotion Imaginable During Yesterday’s Vikings Miracle Win

This video is incredible in every sense of the word. We can be honest for a minute and say that this win was unimaginable for the Vikings. In that final moment when you were on your own 39 yard line there was not a single person on earth thinking that the Vikings could win that game.

Everybody in New Orleans was texting their buddies to see where they were watching the championship game next Sunday. And then the most improbable scenario unfolded in front of our eyes. I couldn’t believe it. I was watching that game and genuinely happy that we at least were going to watch another well accomplished, talented quarterback next weekend being Drew Brees.

And full offense to Foles, Keenum and Bortles with that statement. Yeah, I get it, if you’re fans of either the Vikings, Eagles or Jaguars, congrats on making it to your respective championship games, but come on. If you are a respectable football fan, who isn’t from Jacksonville, than you NEED to be throwing on your red, white and blue next Sunday at 3. I know, I’m from New England, of course I want Tom Brady and the Patriots to be in the Super Bowl again. I love my guys and I love holding this whole Patriots kicking ass thing over all other fan bases. But the NFL needs the Patriots to win next weekend.

Do you really believe that the numbers for the Super Bowl could be even remotely high if it were a Blake Bortles vs Nick Foles or Case Keenum showdown? Absolutely not.

The Evil Empire’s gotta be there. You need to hate the Patriots with every fiber of your being because if they are there, you know the world will tune in just to see if the Patriots can lose this game. Do you think good ol’ Billy Joe down in Alabama cares if Blake Bortles can take down Nick Foles and the Eagles? Please. Not a God damn chance.

Getting back to the fan reaction video, this is why I love sports. And this was my reaction too via Twitter last night on that immaculate catch and run for the end zone. That play right there is why I love sports.

You never can quite tell what is going to happen. Vikings fans were so down in that moment it was almost palpable. But with one throw, and one moronic attempt at a tackle, Stefon Diggs took it 61 yards for the end zone sending a rush of euphoria through the Minnesota Vikings fan base. Still at this moment I cannot believe that play unfolded the way that it did. And this fans emotions signifies what it means to love sports and to love your team.

Believe me, I’ve been there. Maybe not to that extent but just dating back to last year’s Super Bowl, I remember feeling as low as possible in regards to my hope for the Patriots coming home with ring number five. But just like that, within just one quarter my emotions were through the roof.

This kid’s reaction is what being a fan is all about. You may receive more heartbreak than this level excitement, but even reaching this level just one time is worth it.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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