It is Time to Recognize Hunter Renfroe as a Top Outfielder

I will make this plain and simple: Hunter Renfroe is good, he deserves to be in the conversation as a Top Outfielder for 2021.

The MLB as a whole needs to take on the motto “DON’T RUN ON RENFROE” because there has been one theme in this last month, and that is people underestimating his arm strength. Every one of the players and coaches who has tested this so far has failed, and it has only fueled him to become a better player on the field and at the plate. So, here’s why we need to recognize Hunter Renfroe as one of the MLB’s top outfielders.

Why It is Time to Recognize Renfroe as a Top Outfielder

Hunter Renfroe has been absolutely ELECTRIC in the month of June, both from the field and at the plate. Renfroe is boasting an average of .308 with 5 home runs, 6 doubles, and 18 RBI, all while leading the league in assists from the outfield. He’s also turned the most double plays from the outfield.

Sox fans have found out in the month of June just why Chaim Bloom brought in Renfroe: the dude has an absolute CANNON from the outfield. He is once again one of those pieces that we underestimated until we actually saw what he can do.

Before the season, a lot of people questioned what the outfield was going to look like. With Mookie going to the Dodgers, Benintendi moving to Kansas City, and Jackie Bradley Jr. going to Milwaukee, what once was a lethal outfield wasn’t looking all that lethal anymore.

Fast forward to today, and boy were we wrong. Now obviously it’s not the same as the Killer B’s outfield, but it has been impressive. I think we are undervaluing what they contribute, and because of that contribution, the Red Sox are in a very good spot–somewhere I do not think they would be if they had not made some of those moves.

What Has Turned Hunter Renfroe into a Top Outfielder

It is no question since May 1st Hunter Renfroe has been one of, if not the best outfielder in the MLB, and his biggest feat has been on the field and how much he has improved defensively.

The Sox gave him a chance to start every day, and he has taken full advantage of that by putting on a power show at the plate while showing off the guns in the field. Chaim Bloom has shown us that to find a diamond in the rough, you do not have to go all the way to the bottom of the heap. He has proven 100 percent that he is a Top Outfielder in 2021.

The Wrap Up

It is no doubt that this Red Sox team is special, and players like Renfroe are what makes it special. There’s a lot of chatter about how this Red Sox team has a 2013 vibe to it, and I couldn’t agree more. Just like back then it is gritty and doesn’t give up.

Like I say every time, enjoy the Summer of Red Sox baseball. It, along with Hunter Renfroe, is just getting started.

(Featured Image Credit To Boston Red Sox)

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-Jeff Hoak (@jeffhoak1)

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