It Is Time For The Red Sox To Wake Up

The Red Sox are currently on their worst skid of the season, and it’s time for them to wake up. They have lost 7 out of the last 9 games, including losing 2 of three to the Detroit Tigers. Yes, the 52-57 Detroit Tigers, and frankly, it was completely embarrassing because they got their damn teeth kicked in. They lost yesterday’s game 8-1. EIGHT to ONE. Let’s get into it.

Why Are They Slipping

Slumps happen in this game, no doubt about it. I do think that’s the majority of what is happening right now. Our big bats are just not there at the moment. Bogarts, Devers, JD are all struggling right now, and unfortunately, they are all slumping simultaneously. With that said, I’d be naive not to mention the elephant in the room, the trade deadline, and the lack of moves that were made. The players in the clubhouse are clearly NOT happy about the lack of moves. I, for one, do not blame them fully. I think this is playing into it big time. The players have a right to be pissed. The front office sent a clear message, we don’t believe in you and think you are not good enough. If you disagree with this, that’s fine. Everyone can have their own wrong opinion.

My Take Away

There is blame to go all around: the players, the front office, everyone. I’ll break them both down.

Red Sox Front Office…Wake Up!

Oh boy, where to begin with, you cheap SOBs. I guess I will start here with you, Mr. John Henry, sell the team. Plain and simple, sell the team right now. You clearly do not care about bettering this team and winning championships here. You only care about your Soccer team. So do everyone a favor, sell, get your chunk of money and get out. You shoved down our throats that Mookie Betts was shipped out to get under the luxury tax so it would reset and then get right back into it. That was clearly a lie.

You have a team that was written off as a shit team before the season and come to the All-Star break, and they have the best record in the American League. Your response? Eh, we still don’t think you are good enough, so we will not invest further in you to help your chances of winning a World Series. Unbelievable. John Henry, there is the door, and don’t let it hit you on the way out. Oh, and take your damn nerds with you!

Red Sox Players…Wake Up!

You have every right to be demoralized by the lack of moves to help bolster this team. You all have been playing your asses off the first half of the year and got yourselves into first place in the AL East when no one believed in you. That is well deserved of an investment to help fill the holes that currently exist on this team. Whether it be at first base, starting pitcher, or relief pitcher. Either way, this team’s first-half deserved more investment than Kyle Schwarber (which I do like the move) and 2 scrub relief pitchers. With all that said, the trade deadline was a week ago.

You had your time to sulk and be butthurt over the lack of support from the nerds upstairs. It’s now time to wake up. Shake it off and go out a play baseball as you did in the first half. You guys got yourselves to where we are, so why not continue it. Yes, it is tougher now, but that will make that beer shower in October while hoisting the World Series Trophy that much sweeter. Help is on the way. Sale, Schwarber, Houk will all lend a helping hand in this. To what extent is up in the air, but regardless help is coming.

It is time for the Red Sox to wake up, step up, and stop feeling sorry for themselves. Please go out and prove them wrong and when you do, rip the hell out of them in your postgame interviews and say what we are all thinking. No one believed in us, including our own front office, so to all the doubters, shove it.


Alex Cora has every right to be mad and should be. He is the middle man between the front office and the players, and the front office just porked him. This coming after him saying in June that he believed the Sox could win the World Series. The players buy into him and believe in him. Unfortunately, the front office did not believe in either Cora or the players. So now it’s time for the Red Sox to wake up on their own.

Yes, Chaim has made some great moves. But he also has had some great swings and misses, and none most notably than how this rotation is currently. Martin Perez and Richards are both terrible and most likely will not be in the rotation next week. This ownership group is garbage, and they do not prioritize Championships. They are more than fine with just being a .500 team and collecting your money from the concessions and ticket sales. It is time for the players on this team to take matters into their own hands and shove it up the nerd’s rear ends. I hate this ownership group and am at wit’s end with this nerd ball BS.

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-Kevin Perdios (@kperdios15 on Twitter)

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