Three main pieces the Celtics would have to give up in a Bradley Beal trade package

Rumors rumors rumors! They’re always swirling around in the NBA. Of course, we’ve had some moving pieces in NBA free agency so far. But one name that everyone is still keeping an eye on is Washington Wizards star guard Bradley Beal. Beal has supposedly requested a trade from the Wizards. One team that is on Beal’s potential destination list? The Boston Celtics. But could the Celtics put together a trade package to land Bradley Beal in green? I personally think they could. But here are three main pieces the Celtics would have to give up in a Bradley Beal trade package.

Marcus Smart

I know this will cause a stir between Celtics fans. I love Marcus Smart just as much as the next Celtics fan. But at this point, if you want Bradley Beal in a Celtics uniform; you need to include Smart in the trade package. Smart is a guy that would love a new start in Washington. He can be the leader that he wants to be and have more of a say in the organization. Wizards fans will love his aggressiveness and his heart. Smart would more than likely be the centerpiece of this trade. Plus, you want to avoid trading Jaylen Brown at all costs.

Aaron Nesmith

Nesmith is one of two Celtics first round picks during the 2020 NBA draft. Nesmith started out slow, but made himself into a nice role player throughout the second half of the season. Nesmith is such a good shooter that the Wizards would love to have someone with that high of potential. He shot 37% from three point land in his rookie season. I’m sure the Wizards wouldn’t mind a sharpshooter in a potential Bradley Beal trade.

Carson Edwards

Another name that could get flown around in trade talks is Carson Edwards. Edwards hasn’t gotten much of a chance with the Celtics with a lot of guards in front of him. Being so young still, Edwards could thrive with a chance to actually play a bit in Washington. Plus, he can handle being a guy off the bench and play 20 minutes a night for you to start.

In Conclusion

Again, these are MAIN pieces. Other pieces such as Romeo Langford or Grant Williams could be in play as well. But if you started with the three players mentioned above, that’s a good start. Whatever it takes to get Bradley Beal in here, do it. The only exception would be trading Jaylen Brown or Robert Williams. Otherwise, make everyone else available and get this deal done. Bradley Beal, Jayson Tatum, and Jaylen Brown together on the same team? That’s a team that can compete. Make it happen Brad!

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–Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793 on Twitter)

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