Isaiah Thomas, Please Just Let It Go

I have never been the biggest Isaiah fan, I admit that right from the beginning. I was always in the minority, saying that with Isaiah they were never going to win a NBA championship. He had a great season and I will always appreciate what he brought to the table the last two and half seasons before he was traded. To put it simple Isaiah changed the culture, he is the reason why guys like Al Horford and Gordon Hayward came here in consecutive off seasons. He really got the ball rolling with this rebuild and sped up the process considerably.

With that being said, watching the slate of games on christmas day and seeing Isaiah talking to Rachel Nichols on ESPN made me want to vomit my christmas meal up. Isaiah needs to understand that superstars have been traded before and they will be traded again, he is not the first or the last. He spoke about not having enough information about his hip, which I say is absolute bull. When he had 50 in the playoff game against washington, was Isaiah complaining about his hip? I didn’t hear anything about that, only how much of a warrior he was. Well I’m sorry you can’t have it both ways Isaiah, you arguably went from the second best team in the conference to the best team and a Cavs team who has been to three straight finals. I know if I was a Cavs fan, or even Lebron James, I would be saying please Isaiah will you just shut up already.

I can’t speak for the rest of Boston, or any Celtics fans really. I know, I am done with Isaiah and his whining. A guy that I wanted to have success when he returned and really wanted him to cash in on a big money deal he has most certainly earned. But he has just complained to much for my liking and his refusal to just move on has turned me off. I just cant watch another interview or another player tribune post about his trade it is just driving me crazy.

Isaiah from a die-hard Celtics fan, and an appreciative member of Celtics nation, I wish you nothing but health. Unfortunately your whining and inability to just drop it has ruined the player you are for me. If January third is your return, you will get my salute for what you meant to our franchise for more than two years but that will be it. My salute will turn right back into hate for the Cavaliers, and unfortunately you two Isaiah.

Written By : Danny Dipietrantonio (donato05)

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