Avery Bradley Accused of Sexual Assault

This is probably the most shocking news you’ll hear all day. Avery Bradley, probably the quietest player in the NBA, was allegedly involved in a sexual assault incident dating back to May 23rd during the Eastern Conference Finals. What. The. Hell.

According to TMZ Sports, Bradley could have paid off his accuser for as much as $400K, but there’s no official word on where that number ended up. He denied having any part of this and claims he only reached a settlement to prevent any false information being released to the public. The TMZ report also indicates that there are video, audio, and photos from the incident.

Just from reading the TMZ report it seems that we aren’t going to get much more information about the incident seeing how there’s a confidentiality agreement between the two sides, but my god if this isn’t the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard. Avery Bradley? Sexual assault? Really? This guy? There’s just no way any of this is true, right?

I have a very hard time seeing any of this to be true because of who I believe Avery Bradley to be, which is simply a quiet guy who balls out on the court and never gets in trouble. I really hope I’m right, but this does not look great at all. I hope it’s just this girl trying to swindle him out of his money and nothing more. And if that is the case, she is the absolute WORST. What has Avery Bradley ever done wrong to anybody? He doesn’t deserve this. If you’re going to go after an NBA player why not pick someone who isn’t the nicest guy on the planet. I mean, look at that smile:


Now, is that the face of somebody who would sexually assault someone? The answer is no. The only people Avery Bradley has ever violated is whoever he has to guard on a nightly basis. No more, no less.

Written By: Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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  • December 29, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    Please don’t be true


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