Patriots v.s. Jets Preview

The season is finally coming to a close, and another snoozer of a divisional matchup to end the season. The Pats meet up with the Jets in what will be a very chilly Gillette Stadium. Although winning this game does have some meaning. The Patriots still need to win to lock up home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Although this should not be a very difficult task, a slip up could let the Steelers take the 1 seed.

There are two offensive issues coming into this game. The first is that the Patriots have like 1 active running back this week in Dion Lewis.  The problem isn’t his talent, but more so that he has been the best running back on the team, and the last thing this team needs is to overwork him going into the playoffs. Which leads into the second, which is keeping everyone healthy. How much do the starters play in this game? If Bill keeps with the trend he’s been playing by, it will be until the Pats have a comfortable three score lead. I won’t jynx anything by dropping any names, lets just hope they use the starters wisely.

Defensively we have a fun new toy walking on the field this week. James Harrison joins the team and is expected to play this weekend. I’m sure he won’t play more than 15-20 snaps tops. He adds some pass rushing talent as well as some depth to a lackluster position. This might make the guys in the secondary look better too. If he is able to disrupt some plays with a rush on the passer. Not to mention that Bryce Petty will make them look great too. This is the kind of game that a player like Elijah McGuire will stand out and have a great game because the Patriots will forget they exist. Nobody on this team scares me, they don’t have a whole lot to play for, and no momentum.

Look for me freezing my ass off in the stands this weekend. 38-20 Pats.

Written By: Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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