Netflix Review: 13 Reasons Why-Season Two

Every college student across America is always looking for that next new binge-worthy Netflix TV-show. In late March, Netflix released just that show, called 13 Reasons Why?. It’s a dark coming of age show in which a young high school girl Hannah Baker (played by Katherine Langfield) releases tapes about why she committed suicide. It details every experience that she had inside the walls of her new high school. More specifically the people who she interacted with and even her best friend Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette). This show quickly gained news traction for its controversial story: glorifying suicide.

13 Reasons Why’s executive producers; headlined by Selena Gomez decided it was in their best interest to release a statement using all main characters saying that suicide is a controversial topic and that if there is anyone out there needing help or thinking about suicide that it is something to be taken seriously.

Everyone loved season one of the show in which the tapes were highlighted. But in season two the trial of Hannah’s suicide is the main focal point. I feel like the main reason season one was so good is because we wanted to know Hannah’s story as told from herself in the tapes. It was the feeling of who’s tape was next? Who is in it? What happens? Is this Clay’s tape? In season two it’s less of what made season one so gut-wrenching and suspenseful, it highlights the trial which to be honest I don’t really care for. I sort of skipped through the trial part. The storyline that I cared most for is Clay’s- in which he struggles to deal with Hannah’s suicide. And at that point, we all know that he has seen his tape.

I would consider myself a casual fan of the teen drama, 13 Reasons Why; mainly because I heard of it on the nightly news. The hardcore fans really came through in numbers for season two as 2.6 million viewers witnessed the premiere in the first three days

It has done pretty well ratings wise, but the headlines aren’t there for this season. There wasn’t much substance or that wow factor that everyone raved about in the second season. I wonder if there will be a season 3, if it does happen, they will be without one of the main stars, Katherine Langfield, as she has announced she will not be returning to the show.

-Nick Sutherland

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