Is There Any Team In The NFL That Can Give The Patriots A Game?

As I sat down and wondered what I was going to write about today, I found myself thinking about the Patriots schedule. I was at the opening night game, humble brag. As I watched the game unfold, I sat there thinking to myself, “This team is SCARY good!” This was without the running game doing much of anything all night. So now I sit here asking myself this question. Is there any team in the NFL that can give the Patriots a good game? I mean, people are talking about this team going 19-0. With that thought, let’s look at a few teams that might be able to actually give this Patriots team a decent game.

Kansas City Chiefs

This is the most realistic option and probably the toughest game on the schedule for the Patriots. Patrick Mahomes is well…Patrick Mahomes. He’s the future of the NFL, coming off a historic 2018 MVP season. It all starts and ends with slowing him down. His weapons around him don’t hurt either. He has Tyreek Hill and Sammy Watkins to throw to on a consistent basis. He has Damien Williams at running back, that is a rising player in the NFL. The biggest question mark with this Kansas City Chiefs team is their defense. Sure, the offense can put up a lot of points. But, can they stop a really good offense? The December 8th matchup at Gillette (Another game I’m going to this year!) is sure to be one of the games of the year in the 2019 NFL season.

Houston Texans

I don’t care if the Texans lost Jadeveon Clowney because of a trade to Seattle. This Texans team is still good and this season, the Patriots play them in Houston. We know that the Patriots have owned the Texans at Gillette, being 7-0 in those matchups. The Patriots are 10-1 all time against the Texans, including the postseason. But this season could be a little different with the change of scenery. The Texans offense revolves around quarterback DeShaun Watson along with phenom wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. They also have a defense led by star defensive end J.J. Watt. Patriots fans think this game could be a pushover. But don’t get it mistaken, this will be a hard game for the Patriots to just show up and dominate in all three aspects of the game.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens continuously put out one of the best defenses in the NFL. The question coming into this year was about Lamar Jackson and his ability to throw the football. Well…

let’s just say he’s off to a good start. He went 17-20 with five, yes FIVE touchdown passes against the Miami Dolphins. To be fair, the Dolphins are in a downward spiral right now. But nonetheless, give credit where credit is due. The addition of Mark Ingram III to the backfield is a big help to the Ravens offense. Marquise “Hollywood” Brown had a big first game, so maybe it could be the beginning of a breakout star. The big thing to remember here is that the Patriots have the bye week the week after the Ravens game. Some of the players could be looking forward to the bye week to rest up on nagging injuries. We’ll see what happens, but never underestimate the Baltimore Ravens, especially at home.

In Conclusion

The Patriots schedule is not as easy as people might think. Will they win at least 12 games? Most likely yes. Could they even win 13-14 games this season? Again, yes. But 19-0 is such a hard feat to accomplish. Even the best of teams have their dud games. But these teams mentioned above can certainly give the Patriots a good game. With this team, it’s the opponent ahead that they’re worried about. Right now, it’s all about the Dolphins. We certainly don’t need a repeat of last year in Miami, especially in week two.

-Alan Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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