Patriots v.s. Dolphins Preview

Early in the season comes the dreaded trip to Miami. Nobody really knows what it is that affects the Pats down there, maybe the weather, or maybe its all mental. Even though the Dolphins are coming off a 49 point shellacking, and the Pats are coming off a dominant performance, there is something that still does not seem guaranteed about this game. Bill has never been good against his pupils, and there’s always some Fitzmagic early in the season.

We will have no idea what is going to happen with Antonio Brown this weekend. Even if he does play, I can’t imagine he sees over 20 snaps where he does not know much of the playbook yet. As long as Tom Brady does not feel the heat and make the mistakes he has made in past games in Miami, there is nothing to worry about. There will most likely be a big mix of backs to keep fresh legs in the game. Sony won’t be able to handle too heavy of a workload in so much heat. It’s clear there is no issue with Brady’s cast of receivers, and even with the team’s struggles in Miami, Jules usually has pretty good games. The offense really has no reason to be worried, it’s just a matter of putting in the work and playing mistake free football.

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The defenses main plan should be to negate Fitzpatrick’s magic. They need to get heavy pressure on him, which was almost there against Pittsburgh. They were getting close to Ben but never actually got to him, maybe we see a little more Chase Winovich this week to bring some high energy into the game. The Phins had no run game last week and Kenyan Drake doesn’t scare anyone, and they don’t have much going on at receiver either. Albert Wilson probably won’t play, Devante Parker does not scare anyone, and their only bright spot was rookie Preston Williams. Some sleeper players that might surprise the Pats are Jakeem Grant, who has burnt them before with his impressive speed. Not to mention they usually get surprised by tight ends, and Mike Gesicki was a high draft pick last season looking for a breakout game. The DBs were mean last week, so if they keep it up into week 2 along with a consistent pass rush, this should be a dominant game from the Pats.

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The Pats are 19 point favorites, and that seems too good to be true. These are the kind of games they get burned by. I don’t see the blowing this one, but they won’t cover either. 31-21 Pats.

-Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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