Is Nick Chubb The Best Running Back In The League?

Running Backs are the main threat of the offence but most of the time it can be incredibly hard to find that elite running back for your team. Nick Chubb and Derrick Henry are two running backs that hold their teams offence down. The real question though who is the best running back in the league?

Let’s Talk About Chubb.

When the Cleveland Browns picked Nick Chubb 38th overall in the 2018 Draft they knew they was getting a player who proved in college just how good he is with the right coaching could he get even better?

In College Nick Chubb ran 2,721 rushing yards and 38 touchdowns as a junior. Then his follow up year he went even better 2,690 rushing yards and 41 touchdowns as a senior. He was just getting better and better.

There is one thing that a few people don’t know about Nick Chubb he was also a track star holding the school record with a time of 10.69 he was fast.

In his Rookie season he finished with 996 yards and eight touchdowns, he proved exactly why the Browns drafted him as he would made a starter during the November 11th weekend game.

2019 he ran for 1,494 with another eight touchdowns, if not for the weapon that is also Derrick Henry he would’ve led the league in rushing yards but Henry had to run for 211 yards during the final game of the season to push Chubb of the top spot.

During the 2020 season he ran for 1,067 yards with 12 touchdowns he also caught 16 passes for 250 yards and this was all for 12 games which makes it even more impressive. He missed 4 games due to a Injury sustained during week 4.

At 25 years of age you could say that he is the prime of his career and he will only get better. For all Browns fans the future is definitely looking bright in the Running Back room. He always works hard for the Browns and this isn’t going to change this season.

Let’s Not Forget About The Coaching.

Stump Mitchell the coach behind Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt and D’Ernest Johnson. The man who uses their talents to the best of his ability.

Stump has worked with Nick Chubb since 2019 and coached both Chubb and Hunt for his first season in 2020 and they ended up ranking third in rushing. This a coach that knows when his players are ready to play and also when they need a break.

Him being a player himself for 10 years he knows exactly how the game works and what he needs to get his players to get them plays.

You can talk about players having talent but the coaching is a huge part of how good a player really is and all the Running Backs at the Browns are a credit to this. Stump is one of the best running back coaches and I will always stand by this, he wins hands down with that beard alone!

The only issue the Browns are facing right now is they don’t have Stump Mitchell coaching them he’s out with a knee injury is this going to effect the run game or can Chubb and Hunt keep making them plays?

Is Nick Chubb The Best Running Back In The League?

As a Browns fan I would 100% say yes, every game he puts his heart into the game, makes the plays that is needed to win that game. The Browns have the best running back duo on the roaster but does this hinder Chubb in reaching the stats that Henry holds?

Chubb has proven that when healthy, he’s a force to be reckoned with, even in a rotating backfield. His versatility and burst to find holes and make explosive runs which can prove he is the best running back.

As of 2021 Nick Chubb stats talk for themselves.

That’s even when missing a few games due to injury and possibly this weekend due to covid. He’s a running back who is explosive and is definitely up for there for future hall of fame.

A lot of people put Derrick Henry as the top running back but I can’t help but wonder if Chubb hadn’t got injured over the years would he be at the top? Last season Derrick rushed for 2,027 yards whereas Chubb rushed for 1,067, this isn’t bad for Chubb but you also have to take into account Chubb shares the field with Hunt.

In 2019  Henry won the rushing title with 1,540 yards, while Chubb finished with 1,494 yards and they only had a five rushing attempt difference between the two of them. Even with Hunt on the roaster Chubb really isn’t far behind Henry.

On paper Henry is the better running back but the Browns have the elite running back room and Chubb is still in his prime and has so much left to prove. He is for sure up there for me as one of the best running backs in the league maybe not the best yet but he is for sure on his way.

Chubb has made Cleveland his home and the fans love him just as much as he loves them, with the contact extension keeping him in Cleveland to 2024 he is ready to help get the Browns to the Superbowl and prove he is the best running back in the league.

Is Nick Chubb the best running back in the league or is Henry better? They are both great running backs and need to be talked about more.


featured image courtesy of clevelandbrowns.com

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