The Best Bruins Jerseys

As you all know, Boston is a hockey town. A large part of that is the long list of All-Stars that have worn the spoked B throughout Bruins history. That is not what we are here for, though. We are here to break down the best jersey collections over the years.

5. Present Day Jerseys


These are great classic jerseys. The black and gold with the Spoked B will never go out of style. Add in the White jerseys, and now we are cooking with gas! Why is it number 5? That 3rd jersey. It is nice, but as this list goes on, you will see why I have this as number 5.

4. ’08-’16 Jersey pairing

Another great jersey pairing. Not much has changed between these and the present-day jerseys, but there is some mirror, but awesome, differences. The Black jersey paired with the yellow socks is a great combo and is a critical factor in why it is ranked higher than the current pairing. The significant piece, though, is that alternate jersey. That is the most glaring difference, but it’s a considerable difference. I am a big fan of that Bruins logo and think it is way better than the current alternate one. With that said, still not the best lifelong Bruins fans have seen.

3. ’06-’07 Pairing

Again, it doesn’t look like any major changes that jump out at you are first. I know this picture is also very tough to see the changes, but an essential one is there. If you can’t see it, that brown logo on the shoulders is the classic fan favorite, the Pooh Bear. Sadly, this is the last year we see the Pooh Bear make an appearance. Pair the Pooh Bear with another classic alternate jersey with a throwback to the logo initially used in the mid-’50s. As a mid-20-year-old hockey fan, this jersey pairing is one of the first I remember the bruins wearing while my fandom for the team continued to grow.

2. ’77-’95 Pairing

This was the longest pairing in recent memory. They used this combination for about 14 years when they first introduced it in 1977 and stuck with it until 1995. Granted, they made minor tweaks to it during that stretch, removing the white stripe on the pants; it stays virtually unchanged. Have to have this pairing up here because it is a great classic jersey, so I have to give it the respect it deserves.

1. ’95-’06…THE POOH BEAR

If you say this pairing is not the best Bruins jersey pairing of All-Time..you are a liar! That Gold jersey with the Pooh Bear head on the front is just perfect. I have that jersey and wear it to every Bruins game I attend (I haven’t been to a loss yet while wearing it). As long as that streak continues, I will continue to wear it while in attendance at the Garden. To top it off, you have the classic black and white jerseys with the spoked B on the front. Located on the shoulder is once again the Pooh Bear. See a theme yet? These are great jerseys, and that Pooh Bear jersey needs to be brought back ASAP. A source has told me that Don Sweeney doesn’t like those jerseys. Apparently, he doesn’t like winning either, but that is for a different blog!


The Bruins, throughout their existence, have always had some great jerseys. None other than the Pooh Bear jersey, though! Like I said earlier, it needs to be brought back. If Sweeney and co. know what is good for them, they will make it happen. Not to worry, though, if not because if things continue the way they are going for the Bruins at the moment, Sweeney might be jobless three months from now. Go ahead a tell me what an awful list this is. I don’t care because deep down, I know that you are just lying to yourself, and I feel bad for you.

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