Is Kyler really going to do the A’s like that? Murray reportedly declaring for NFL draft


Some people just have it so tough. The hardest choice I make during a normal day is whether I should do everything I need to that day, or take a nap. I think it would be refreshing for me to have to decide between being in the MLB or NFL.

Seven months after being taken with the ninth pick in the 2018 MLB draft, Kyler Murray could be heading to the NFL.

Coming off a Heisman season at Oklahoma, Murray is one of the few quarterback prospects that could get teams excited in this year’s draft. So if he were a top ten pick in both drafts he’d definetly pull a Bo Jackson and play both, right?

Nope. Kyler isn’t built like Bo, very few people are. The wear and tear on his body would have him out of both leagues in six years tops.

There’s no doubt Murray is an electric athlete. He is however only 5’9(ish) and less than 190lbs. Although he is listed as slightly bigger we all know teams give their guys a nice little confidence boost with their listings. Don’t give me the Russell Wilson comparisons either. Look at both athletes and you’ll see they have very different builds.

The Kyler case for going to the MLB

Having already been selected, and signed as a top-10 pick, the baseball upside for Murray is clear. A team was willing to take him with a high pick knowing he may still want to play college football, and possibly football beyond college. Yet, they still loved the baseball prospect in him enough to take that gamble and draft him. Oh yeah, and a signing bonus of FIVE MILLION DOLLARS! The kid was playing college football making more than his head coach.

The athleticism from football translates easily to the diamond. With electric speed, suddenness, and quickness (all very different things in the sports world) he could step in and easily steal forty bases a season right now. Easily.

Last season he hit .296 which leaves a lot to be desired, but you also have to consider he was playing baseball at the same time as months of practice for football was going on.

MLB scouts firmly belive that as soon as he starts to focus on baseball full time he’ll become much more polished. He’s a true 5-tool player.

<> at Oakland Alameda Coliseum on June 15, 2018 in Oakland, California.

Why Kyler should continue with football

Heisman winners don’t grow on trees. Sure they haven’t had the greatest success in the NFL, but Murray just had a better season than Baker Mayfield, playing in the same offense, with the same coach.

He has great arm strength and obviously unparalleled mobility. He’s like a shorter Vick. The league is starting to resemble college football more and more. For Kyler this means less time under center, and more time sitting a few yards back from his o-line. That’ll allow him to survey the field better and have different windows to throw in.

There are a few unknowns about his football future. Will he be able to hold up at his size? Will his game translate? Where will he be taken? These are all valid questions. We may have an answer to one of them though.

New Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury praised Murray back in October saying that if he were an NFL coach, Murray would be his top pick.

Well, funny how things work out. The Cardinals hold the #1-overall pick in his year’s draft. Now even if Kingsbury weren’t to take Murray (he does have Josh Rosen already), the lack of elite, hell even good quarterback prospects this year could make teams reach.

You have Dwayne Haskins, who’s likely heading to the Giants. After that, there is still a plethora of teams that need a QB.

Very interesting Mr. Kingsbury, very interesting indeed.

At least the kid has a backup plan

Dillon Leary

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