Is Kevin Durant Actually Considering Signing With the Knicks?

Exactly one month ago today, I wrote a blog about why I thought Kevin Durant wouldn’t be leaving Golden State this off-season.

But after watching Chris Haynes talk about the posibility of KD signing with the Knicks next Summer, I’m not so sure what to think anymore:

I feel like it would be a poor career move to go from Golden State to New York given the level of talent each team currently has. Golden State will be contending for championships easily for the next 3-4 seasons with Durant. The Knicks just can’t offer him that. I get how fast they could attempt to put a contender together if they were to land KD, but the chances of them actually winning anything feel slim. I just don’t seem to get it.

Outside of being the mecca of basketball, what’s so appealing about New York anyways? The Knicks have arguably been one of the least pleasureable franchises in the league since Patrick Ewing jumped ship in 2000. I guess The Garden is awesome if you love basketball history, but that’s really it. Their owner alone would turn me off completely from even thinking about the Knicks as a FA destination.

Understanding the type of guy KD is (from a far), I can get why he would want to maybe leave Golden State. He cares so much about what we all think about him, so maybe he thinks if he wins on his own, we won’t be so hard on him. But Kevin, buddy, you won’t win jack shit in New York. If you really think you can do this on your own, go on down to Miami with (maybe) Jimmy Butler and play for Pat Riley. I hear the weather down there is pretty nice too, just ask LeBron.

-Nick Cherico (@CouchGuyCherico)

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