Why Would Kevin Durant Ever Leave Golden State?

Guys, I read a pretty funny article today:

I don’t want to disrespect the guy who wrote this article for Bleacher Report, but I have some issues with it. For starters, while LA will definitely have a lot of money next Summer, that doesn’t mean Kevin Durant should have any interest in signing there. The author of this article never guaranteed that he would, but the speculation alone is laugh out loud funny to me. I mean, KD has it made in Golden State right now. He’s coming off of his second consecutive Championship and Finals MVP, his team is a lock to get to the Finals (when healthy) every year, and when they do actually lose games, he never gets any of the blame. Kevin Durant is living the life every NBA star dreams about. Why throw that all away just to play with LeBron? Sure, LeBron is fantastic, but you don’t need to rock the boat if you’re KD. Everything he envisioned two Summers ago when he signed with the Warriors has come true up to this point. He’d also catch a ton of shit from NBA fans and the media if he swapped teams AGAIN, which is something we all know he has had trouble dealing with in the past.

Another problem I had with this article is in regard to the credit given to Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka for “snagging” LeBron James in free agency. I could’ve been the fucking GM and he still would have signed in LA. Sure, they recruited him like crazy, but was it really that hard? James’ mind was set on the Lakers regardless of who is running the front office. Why else would he commit to a four-year contract with no guarantee that they can land another star? Think about it.

Sure, this article brings up an interesting point. And honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked to see LA try pursuing Durant next Summer. But something that would surprise me is KD actually even considering leaving what he has in Golden State for the Lakers.

-Nick Cherico (@NickCherico2)

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