Top Celtics Home Games You Don’t Want To Miss

The NBA regular season is almost here. Teams are currently battling it out in preseason games trying to get back in the flow. Here are some Celtics home games that you don’t want to miss this upcoming season. 

I’m going to go ahead and skip the first game of the season. Its cool and all, but I want to see this team after a few games under their belts.

I’ll start with Friday, Nov. 6th against Toronto.

These two teams will be battling it out in the Eastern Conference Finals this season. The new look Raptors with Kawhi Leonard should be a fun team to watch. The Celtics often struggle against Toronto. Let’s see them grab a tough early win at home against their biggest rival in the East. 

Let’s fast forward to Monday, December 10th against the Pelicans

I don’t think this game will be much of a contest, but Celtics fans should really want to see Anthony Davis. Who knows, he may be in a Celtics uniform soon.

Friday, January 4th against the Mavericks

Do you want to see one of the best players of all time before he retires? Well, this may be Dirk Nowitzki’s last game in Boston. He has not said anything about retirement, but the man is getting old and it’s the last year of his contract. You’ll also get to see Luka Doncic who could possibly be the second coming of Dirk. Tickets are priced decently and I will 100% be at this game.

Saturday, January 6th against the Warriors

If you can afford to buy a ticket, then this is a must-see game. These two teams have the potential to square off in the NBA Finals. This game should be a bloodbath. Plus the C’s have competed well against the Warriors in Boston.

Thursday, February 7th against the Lakers

Is the Lakers/Celtics rivalry back? Now that LeBron took his talents to LA, this game is a must go to. Can the Celtics take down the new Lakers? I am interested to see how all the young guys play against each other.

Sunday, March 3rd against the Rockets

Offense, Offense Offense. Be prepared to see a lot of threes, dunks, and blurs moving up and down the court. Both of these teams can put up points, and this game will be a high action thriller. 
Monday, April 1st against the Miami Heat

This could be the last time you can see Dwane Wade play in Boston. Here is another chance to see another future Hall Of Fame player before he retires. It helps that tickets right now are really cheap.

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