Is It Time To Consider Jayson Tatum as a Legit MVP Candidate?

With the second half of the season underway and the MVP talks heating up, is it time that the Celtics finally have a LEGIT MVP candidate in Tatum?  Watching how well JT has been playing is something that brings me back to those ’08 Big Three vibes.  It’s almost like this is the first time in a while that Celtics nation collectively can see a championship in the horizon.

It feels like ever since Kobe’s passing, Tatum has been on a totally different level than any other player in the league.  Now I know Kobe was his mentor and favorite player and that honestly has something to do with it.  But let’s also talk about how this dudes mindset has completely flipped.  All he needed to do was make the All-Star team. It hit him like “oh shit I can actually do this and become legendary.”

It feels like in Tatum’s last 10 games he has been dominating and the show he put on Sunday against the Lakers was Kobe-esq.  I hope the NBA and the voters start to look at Tatum.  MVP nowadays is really hard to judge. People/voters have personal agendas instead of giving it to the most deserving player. The Most Valuable Player is what MVP means. Right now, Tatum is one of the more valuable pieces in the league.

If you take him off the Celtics they are not as good or even in the title race this year.  Brown is still really inconsistent. Hayward just can’t take over like he did in Utah. Kemba isn’t healthy (which like wtf is it the parquet they play on??? This is now three straight point guards who haven’t been able to stay healthy). Without Tatum and the show he’s been putting on the Celtics simply wouldn’t be where they are right now. And if we are looking at “most valuable” then someone who is playing out of his mind and has his team as a top team and legit title contender deserves some respect.

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-John (Uncle_Mac4)

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