Is Grant Delpit Really The Safety Of The Future For The Browns?

Many teams were keeping an eye on Grant Delpit when the draft happened, the Browns managed to pick him up at 44th pick overall.

He was one of the best safety’s in college winning the Jim Thorpe in 2019 for the best Defensive Backs.  In 2019 he posted  65 tackles, 4½ for loss, two sacks, two interceptions and seven pass breakups for the national-champion Tigers. This isn’t to say he had a bad season that year but his 2018 year was phenomenal.

Let’s talk about his 2018 season his shining season during  his college career for sure. He earned first-team All-American honours as a sophomore where he racked up 74 tackles, 9½ for lost yardage, five sacks, an SEC-high five interceptions and nine pass breakups.

Is Delpit Really The Best Safety for The Browns?

At 6″3 and 203 pounds he definitely has the height and weight to match up with tight ends he also has the speed to cover receivers, exactly what the Browns are needing on their defence.

During his college years he was here there and everywhere he  playing single-high, in the box, in the slot, over tight ends, and blitzing both up the middle and around the edge. He’s a player that can play wherever is needed and make an instant impact.

No player is perfect and they all have their weaknesses including Delpit.

Delpit biggest weakness is for sure his poor tackling. In 2018 he missed nearly 20% of his tackles and in 2019 that number went up to over 25%. This isn’t to say he isn’t trying to improve as in his own words:



That Torn Achilles.

You can ask any Browns fan and they will tell you that they were excited to pick Delpit up in the draft and see what he can add to the defence, but when he left the training camp in late August 2020 with a torn Achilles everyone knew it was season ending.

Some fans may say that you can never fully recover from a torn Achilles but Delpit with his attitude worked through the pain to fight back to be ready for his second year. He never let on just how difficult it was, or felt sorry for himself for missing out on his rookie season.

The one person who helped Delpit the most had to be his teammate and friend Greedy Williams, they pulled each other through season ending careers and used their friendship to motivate each other through their rehabs.


Give It Time.

He is a player that will listen and work hard no matter how long it’s going to take. He was one of the best safeties in college and he will be in NFL it’ll just take some time. In fact, if you watched him college you will know just how good of a player he is and he’s young with a lot to learn.

Former LSU cornerback Kristian Fulton had this to say on Delpit:


Do you believe he can help make the secondary better for the Cleveland Browns?


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