Is Dak Prescott Back?

The Beginning

In 2016 NFL Draft The Dallas Cowboys selected Dak Prescott. The fourth rounder out of Mississippi State was thrown into the fire when Tony Romo got injured during the Preseason (Shocker). Dak Unexpectedly took the league by storm leading Dallas to a 13-3 record along with winning The Offensive Rookie of The Year Award. The dude shared an offense with Zeke and still took the prize, really speaks to how nasty Dak was. Following the 2016 Season Romo retired and Dak officially became the face of Americas Team.

Back to Reality?

Since that magical ride in 2016, Dallas has struggled and Dak has been real rough. Over his last 20 games. (62% completion, 15 ints, 6.5 Yards per attempt and a QBR of 86). Like I said real rough. Well I guess not that terrible but compared to his rookie season not great. During that stretch Dallas is 11-9. Over the past year Prescott has received a whole lot of criticism in the media and fans are beginning to call for his job. I think the media failed to realize Zeke missed 6 games, Jason Witten was old as shit and Dez was a shell of himself. Who was he going to throw to!


How Bout Them Cowboys?

The Detroit Lions came into Jerry World to take on Dak and The Cowboys yesterday. What a hell of a game. Zeke was running wild, Stafford and Golden Tate were unstoppable… and Dak Prescott looked really good! Prescott threw for two scores, 255 yards and had a QBR of 118… Oh and had a game winning drive? I  Dallas now sits at 2-2 with a share of second place in the NFC East that looks prettyyyy open at this point. go

Is Dak back?

Prescott really showed glimpses of the past yesterday which was great to see. When Dak’s good-Zekes good- Dallas is good- and that’s good for football. I really think Dak is the type of QB that needs decent pieces around him to succeed. If Michael Gallup can keep developing and Allen Hurns can wake the fuck up maybe we can see the Old Dak this year. I’d say go out and sign Dez Bryant but we all know how that went.allan!.gif

-Tom Wall (@TheGreatWall25)

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