Is Backes The Answer For The Bruins?

The Bruins find themselves struggling  for offense against a strong Blue Jackets team and they are looking anywhere for answers. Down 2-1 in their second round series, they’re turning to veteran David Backes to help turn the tides. Backes will be entering in Kuhlman’s spot and will be on the second line along Krejci and DeBrusk. The Blue Jackets have been aggressive on the Bruins top lines and really slowing them down by tossing hits on them, the idea is that Backes is able to create more room for the Bruins top guys and maybe plant his ass in front of Bobrovsky and screen a couple point shots.

After the past two games it’s evident that the Bruins needed a change but I’m not sure Backes on the second line is the answer. It’s not like Backes is an offensive dynamo thats been healthy scratched for no reason, he’s had poor offensive numbers this season and didn’t impress in his first couple playoff appearances either. I see no problem with him entering the lineup on the fourth or third lines but why the hell would you take Kuhlman out? He’s gained solid chemistry with Krejci and DeBrusk and he assisted on the only goal they scored last game. Leaving Kuhlman in the lineup would provide more offensive upside if needed, maybe sitting Acciari would be a better idea as the fourth line has been out there for about 200 scoring chances against. That way you’re able to flip Backes and Kuhlman if you really need to.

In Backes’ last 10 games he’s totaled 2 assists, not exactly the guy who’s gonna jump in and boost your offense. The last game Backes played in against Toronto was game 2-1 loss and he played a whopping 4:36. Backes started that game on the third line and then promptly sat on the bench for the rest of the game. 4:36 how is that going to help anything? That was the lowest time on ice for the Bruins by 5 minutes. If he can perform on the second line then by all means this was a success but I don’t see him contributing tonight and wouldn’t be shocked if we see the lines switched by the time the second period starts.

In a time where the Bruins offense is struggling there is a need for change but should David Backes moving to that second line be the change made? Maybe and maybe not we’ll find out for sure tonight at 7:30 when the Bruins attempt to even the series with the Blue Jackets.

-Tyler Smith (@TylerSmith4386)

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