College Football Bowl Game Headed Towards Boston

America’s most beloved ballpark is set to host even more football. In the past few years Fenway has opened its doors to football games, both at the high school and collegiate level, but now it will be host to a College Football bowl game.



The newest, 43rd( more on that later), bowl game will pit teams from the ACC and AAC starting in 2020. While it isn’t finalized which teams, one would assume that they would be lower tier teams barely on the cusp of bowl eligibility.

I have mixed feelings about this. Personally, I love college football more than just about anything, so anytime you’re going to add another game to the bowl season slate I’m a supporter. Also, having football at Fenway is really cool. I’ve been to one of the High School games there and it’s a really cool experience.

Now on the contrary, 43 bowl games is ridiculous. That’s way too many. I guarantee whichever teams end up in this game don’t actually deserve to be in a bowl. I’m not really that old, but I’m old enough to remember when making a bowl game was an accomplishment for a team. Now as long as you don’t suck, scheduled a handful of cupcakes, or hell, even if you just don’t suck as bad as more than half the other teams you get to a bowl now. If I didn’t enjoy watching all these games so much, even the shit ones, I’d say the only bowls you need are the NEw Years Six.

They have a bol game at Yankee Stadium, and I went a couple years ago when B.C. played Iowa. Now the Pinstripe bowl is what I described earlier, two teams that are barely bowl eligible. It’s also played at the end of December and really the most vivid memory of that game was how cold I was. I don’t think the Fenway Bowl or what ever they decide to call it will draw big numbers,but hey it’s more football in one of the most historic stadium in the world.

Sign me up.

-Dillon Leary

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