WATCH: Corey Kluber Took A ROCKET Off the Forearm Last Night

Corey Kluber took an absolute missile off of his pitching arm last night and it made me die inside just watching it happen.


Honestly, the restraint he showed to have zero emotion is WILD. Especially now that we know the result is a forearm fracture. He wore this thing like he should have been in the Avengers: Endgame. He would have taken Thanos and buried him in minutes.

I feel for pitchers though. I know it sounds soft when some of them complain about the lack of protection on the mound like David Price did last season, but I mean damn, imagine if that hit him in the head? I’m actually shocked that they don’t make pitchers wear helmets at this point. That ball was cooking at 102 MPH. We’ve seen pitchers get nuked by a comebacker in the skull before and it’s brutal to see.

That’s what I’ve never gotten about these guys who just take fastballs to the ribs. How do you not even flinch? Are you numb to it by that point? If I even get punched in the arm I’m down for the next 24 hours sometimes.

But Kluber’s a monster who wore that line drive like a stud.

-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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