Is Aaron Rodgers Throwing 50+ Yard Bombs Yesterday Weeks After Breaking His Collarbone Insane To Anyone Else?

Is Aaron Rodgers a superhuman? This man goes down with one of the most horrific injuries in sports and by week 12 he’s already tossing turkeys down the field?

If we don’t remember, Rodgers went down during a week 6 game against Minnesota and broke his collarbone that night. Boom. Just like that the season melted in from of all of Green Bay faster than any heat could take down their cheese. Sick cheese joke.

And now this guy is firing darts down the field without any sign of injury?

Listen, I’m a big Tom Brady guy. Love me some Tommy. He’s better than Aaron Rodgers and that’s just a fact. Sorry, I didn’t create the perfect human being. God did. But Aaron Rodgers just makes the NFL better when he’s playing. He’s a straight up Superstar. And his “go screw” personality makes him likeable. In a cuddly, I care about you but I’m not gonna show it kind of a way.

In all seriousness though this is wild to me. I can’t tell if I’m more impressed with Rodgers for getting back so quickly, or the human body.

Anatomy always sucked in school, but now I’m kind of into it after seeing this.

Hell, if Henry Roengartner can recover in six weeks and start tossing over 100MPH on the gun, imagine Rodgers when he gets back. They’re going to have to shut him down because he’s hurting DeVante Adams’ hands.

Also, imagine being a Packers fan right now and seeing that Rodgers commercial with his dog during every game the nine times they show it? Brutal.

Twist? Aaron wanted a new arm. Figured the only way to convince the doctors to do it was to break his old one.

Written By: Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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