Into the Triangle Episode 43

It’s episode 43 of the “Into the Triangle” Podcast and the Red Sox are still above .500. Did we think we’d see the Red Sox in first place at the end of April? I’ll tell you what…I definitely DID NOT! If you did, send us proof and we’ll give you a prize of some sort. Maybe a follow on Twitter? A guest appearance? Eh, we’ll figure that out later. On with the show details!

Co-Host This Week

This week, I was joined by Sam Edwards of the “Around the Diamond” podcast for the third time in show history. This was a tough week for the three of us. Zach was out as he was at the Buffalo Sabres-Boston Bruins hockey game in Buffalo. (Shoutout to #bossman for getting the Sabres a win!) Jared had minor surgery and was resting, so we were very understaffed for this one. Shoutout to Sam for stepping into the co-host role and doing so flawlessly per usual.

Topics Discussed This Episode

To be completely honest for a second, this episode went all over the place. The main topics were Garrett Richards, Adam Ottavino and the Mets series. Is Garrett Richards going to stay in this rotation come June or July? That remains to be seen! One guy is confident he’ll be fine, while the other would rather see Richards in the bullpen. Adam Ottavino looks like he’s turning a corner. Can he be the ideal set-up guy that this Red Sox team desperately needs? And finally, the Red Sox are playing the Mets in a two game series. Can they salvage a split? Even a sweep and beat Jacob deGrom? We’ll see. We also talked about an interesting hypothetical between J.D. Martinez and David Ortiz. Just listen to the episode, trust me; you won’t regret it.

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find us anywhere. Start on iTunes. If not there, then Anchor, Apple podcasts, the list goes on and on. Type in our podcast title and you’ll find us.

Other than that, enjoy episode 43 of the “Into the Triangle” podcast!

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