Into the Triangle Episode 26: Feat. Benny and the Betts Co-Host Charlie Smith

We have ANOTHER episode of Into the Triangle to help get you through these times. Whether you’re at work, on the road, or at home relaxing, we have you covered with all of the latest Red Sox news. This is another episode where we have some laughs, some cries, and some harsh words about our beloved Boston Red Sox. Here’s episode 26 and everything you need to know about what we talked about.

Guest This Week

It’s not often that we have guests on this podcast. But when we do, we have a ton of fun getting their unbiased Red Sox opinions. In this one, we welcome on Benny and the Betts podcast co-host Charlie Smith. Charlie is a very knowledgeable Red Sox fan that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is with this team. Honestly, Charlie would be a tremendous fit for us on a full time basis. But we’re glad we got him even for an episode. Check out Charlie weekly on Benny and the Betts.

Topics Discussed

We have to talk about the Red Sox pitching because, why not? This Red Sox pitching staff is as putrid as they come. We spend a good amount of time moaning and complaining about just how bad this staff is as a whole. We also touch on the automated crowd noise inserted into stadiums. Do we like it? Do we think it’ll be here to stay? Could there be an alternative? We answer these hard hitting questions with a thorough discussion.

Where Can You Find Us?

You can find us on a ton of podcast platforms. You want the easiest one? Honestly, just go to the podcast and video tab and click on our tab. You can also go onto iTunes. That’s where I usually go to listen to podcasts. However you listen to us, enjoy this episode with Charlie Smith as our special guest.

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