I’m Fully On Board With David Price Taking Shots At His Haters After the World Series

The Boston Red Sox and David Price won the 2018 World Series last night after taking down the Los Angeles Dodgers in just five games. In the series, David Price, known for falling apart in the postseason, dominated both of his starts. One of which included the game five clincher.

While everyone was celebrating the championship with each other and living life on the positive side, the David Price Revenge Tour began.

The caption for this video is perfect. David Price is the captain now and he’s right, he holds the cards.

Look, I’m not going to sit here and act like I’ve been on David Price’s side through his time in Boston. Hell, even this season I turned against him at one point.


Speaking of… Go follow that Twitter, my guy (or gal).

But like I said, I’ve had my own issues with Price. He’s roped me back into the David Price fan club over and over again, sure, but more often than not I’ve been over the guy.

And because of angry, bitter fans like me and the media constantly taking their shots at him, how in the hell can you be mad at David Price for firing back last night? Throughout this postseason, minus one start against the Yankees, he was nails. He was absolute nails.

The amount of crap that this guy has endured over his three years in Boston is enough to drive other players out of the city and beg to be traded. And yeah, sure, he brought a good amount of it on himself. There have been times where the media hadn’t mentioned anything negative and he would re-hash old qualms he’s had with them. Like, I don’t know, his alleged Fortnite addiction.

Get “Vengeful David Price” into my veins ASAP. I need this stuff to live. All he’s doing is throwing all of the hate and negative comments right back into the media’s faces and I guarantee you if you ask if they think it’s warranted, most would say yes.

If it wasn’t for Steve Pearce’s incredible games four and five, David Price would have won the World Series MVP. And honestly, if he did win it over Pearce, I don’t think anyone would have chirped about it. He went out there and pitched like a $31M pitcher in October.

I’m not saying I want him to keep chirping all throughout the offseason and into next year—if he opts back into his deal—but what I’m saying is for right now, chirp away David Price. And for the next month or so, let that Dave Price Revenge Tour ROLL.

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-Nick Quaglia (@NickQuag)

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