On Today’s Episode Of Stir Crazy Celebrities – The Undertaker

I mean what are we doing here guys?  Celebrities are going bananas being cooped up in their homes.  I mean don’t get me wrong I am going crazy too.  I haven’t showered in days.  Yesterday somebody asked me if it was nice outside and I genuinely had no idea.  I decided to sit outside while I wrote this because I forgot what outside was even like.  With all of that said I have yet to come anywhere close to sitting in a pool with a live tiger crazy.

I don’t even like getting in the pool with my dog because he throws his legs all over the place and scratches the hell out of me.  Now you’re telling me Taker is getting in a pool with a tiger?!?  Lets get our shit together people.  Do a puzzle, read a book, do something to keep your brain sharp because we can’t afford to have more people swimming with tigers.

I thought listening to celebrities do a weird mashup of songs on twitter and having them tell me to stay inside while they are in mega mansions was bad.  It is nothing compared to The Undertaker hitting a breaststroke with a jungle cat.  I haven’t seen the Tiger King but I assume this is where he got his inspiration.  Don’t fact check that though.

Also did he just threaten to steal all of our souls?  If we don’t save the tigers none of us will rest in peace? I am taking no chances.  Consider this my official donation to the tiger community.  Save the tigers people, or else The Undertaker will show up at your door.  Speaking of The Undertaker showing up at your door, what do you think he is like when he’s not wrestling?  I mean he’s probably a normal guy right?  But that kind of ruins it for us right?  Growing up he was my favorite wrestler but now he is just a normal guy who loves animals?  What the hell!  This just changed everything.  Dammit I’m going into a quarantine induced Netflix coma.

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-Jon Sensi (@jon_sensi)

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