Houston You Have A Problem!

Happy fun Friday everyone! Today’s it’s simple what must be done. Houston athletes are on the move once again. So that mean’s it’s time to take a closer look into why athletes are leaving the Houston based teams. Houston has an NFL, NBA, and an MLB team. You would think Houston is the place to be, right? Wrong! It appears that everyone wants out of Houston. But what could be the problem? Let’s take a closer look into the three teams that have been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Houston you have a problem!

Houston Texans

JJ Watt is latest player to leave Houston. Watt wants to win a championship, which is something Houston will not accomplish for the remainder of his career. He sees that there is no future with this team and wanted out. The Texand and Watt agreed to mutally part ways. During his time in Houston, JJ Watt won three defensive player of the year awards. He was an eight time all pro, went to five pro bowls, had 101 sacks, 25 forced fumbles and seven touchdowns (four defense, three offense). A player with these kinds of stats should never be released. Good riddance Houston, you really messed up… again.

Deshaun Watson

Speaking of players who are upset with the Houston Texans, here’s another one. The star quarterback of the team, Deshaun Watson. It’s been about a month since he formally requested a trade from the Houston Texans. But, Houston has refused. I’ll be honest here, they’re delusional if they really think Watson wants to stay. Owner Cal McNair and general manager Nick Caserio have said that Watson will be a Texan. The release of JJ Watt today is just a slap to the face of Watson. They’ll listen to Watt and immediately grant his release, but they won’t trade a player who they’ll never see again. Here is Watson saying goodbye to JJ Watt. Hopefully he’ll be out of Houston soon.

Bill O’Brien

Remember when Bill O’Brien didn’t like that DeAndre Hopkins was voicing his displeasure about the Texans? He was right to. O’Brien just simply chose the easy route and sent Hopkins away which was the start of angering Deshaun Watson. O’Brien really thought he did a good thing by trading away a top three wide receiver in the league. Good job Bill, that defintely made Watson a very happy quarterback.

My thoughts on the Texans

If you’re a Texans fan, I’m sorry your team is full of people who don’t know what they’re doing. Maybe one day the Texans will be relevant again. However as long as the front office has it’s current staff, the Texans are going no where.

Houston Rockets

Just like the Texans, the Rockets are also a mess. They’ve lost one of the best scorers the NBA will ever see. The Rockets were just as dysfunctional as the Texans and James Harden wanted nothing to do with it. Even though in the beginning of the season he started with the Rockets, his frustation quickly became more visable. His final night as a Rocket, he said that he loves the city of Houston, but it (the team) can’t be fixed.

Russell Westbrook

Then there’s this. Russell Westbrook was traded before the season. There were rumors that Westbrook was unhappy in Houston. How? How does this happen? You have James Harden and Russell Westbrook, two of the top guys in the NBA. You would think that they would be happy and have more of a chance to win a championship right? Wrong. There was so much turmoil in this organization that two stars of the NBA wanted out. How pathetic is that.

Morey and D’Antoni

Coach Mike D’Antoni and General Manager Daryl Morey also left the team which was the beginning of the Rockets collapse. Once it was announced that Morey will step down and that D’Antoni won’t be brought back, that’s when the frustration from many players became known. The Rockets caused such a big mess and didn’t even attempt to fix it. They just sent everyone away, basically running away from the situation.

My thoughts on the Rockets

Yes they have John Wall and Victor Oladipo. But they had Harden and Westbrook. Yes Wall and Oladipo are good players, but they’re not at the same level of Harden and Westbrook. The Rockets will struggle in the future and when they do, all basketball fans should laugh at them. They screwed up a situation that most teams would have loved to have.

Houston Astros

The Astros are cheaters. We all know that. The players know that, the staff knows, everyone does. However, even they lost a big named player. George Springer. Springer was a free agent this offseason and signed with the Blue Jays. Maybe Springer can remove himself from that organization for good now that he’s out from there. Every baseball fan has no respect for Houston. When fans are welcomed back, they amount of boo’s the players will hear, espeically from Yankees fan’s, will be astronomical. I’m willing to bet Carlos Correia will be running his mouth once again. It’ll be a long season for the Astros.

Final thoughts

Houston you have a problem! You had all these big named players playing in your city. Now, they’re gone! The Texans have no future, the Rockets think they have a future, and the Astros are cheaters. If I’m an athlete, I’m staying far, far, very far away from the Houston teams.

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