I Think Julian Edelman is a Bit Angry This Off-season…What About You?

Tom Brady? He’s a Buccaneer. Rob Gronkowski? Same as Brady. Kyle Van Noy, Elandon Roberts, and Ted Karras? They’re with the Dolphins. So who does that leave to run the show in New England? One name that has continuously resurfaced is wide receiver Julian Edelman. People have wondered how Edelman would approach the 2020 season with a lot of change around him. We got somewhat of an answer right here.

It’s a small quote, but a pretty significant one nonetheless. Let’s break down a few of the comments that Edelman said and see why he might have a chip on his shoulder heading into 2020.

“He hates excuses. He hates to lose.”

That is the exact mentality that this Patriots team needs to have for 2020. Are things noticeably different now? Of course! You lost a LOT of pieces this offseason. But Julian Edelman isn’t letting that get in the way. He’s going to throwing sessions and working on his timing with Jarrett Stidham. You already know how much the Patriots, let alone Edelman, hate to lose. The Patriots could have all the excuses in the world to tank in 2020 and rebuild for another potential long run from 2021 and beyond. But not Edelman. He’s doing all that he can to make 2020 a good season for his team, and all fans of Patriots nation.

“People thinking we’re no good…”

This is an obvious statement if I’ve ever seen one. Of COURSE people are going to think that the Patriots are going to be really bad this year. If I wasn’t a Patriots fan, I’d probably say the same thing honestly. Keep in mind that the Patriots are getting younger and faster, which they struggled with last year. People are predicting the Patriots to be .500, 4-12. 5-11, etc. The best part is that the Patriots don’t have the high expectations this season. Everyone expects them to take a huge step back. They’re doubting the Patriots. That’s where they thrive the most.

“…he’s just a product of Brady.”

This comment right here must have hit Edelman right in the stomach. Just a product of Brady? Ouch! This HAS to drive Julian Edelman. You can’t tell me he won’t have this quote posted in his locker somewhere to use as motivation. If Edelman has a big season with Stidham/Hoyer as his quarterback, then he’ll show just valuable he is as a whole to the Patriots. It won’t just be that Edelman was good because he had Brady. Something tells me he has a better year than a lot of people are expecting.

In Conclusion

It’s a small quote, but it doesn’t go unnoticed. Julian Edelman will need to take a big step up in leadership this year. So far, he’s doing a great job of that with attending throwing sessions. The old lesson is this: don’t give the Patriots any additional motivation to beat you. Does it work 100%? No. But does it work more often than not in the Patriots favor? Yes. Give me football season. I need some sports to watch!

-Al Nahigian (@BigAl2793)

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