One Made The Difference

I remember it back in 2016. Colin Kaepernick started to peacefully protest inequality in the United States by kneeling during the national anthem. I also recall the many reactions around the country, some understood what he was trying to do and thought he could do it differently, others were outraged by his actions and felt that he was not respectful of the American Flag nor the principles of what the anthem stood for.

Fast forward a few weeks later! Colin Kaepernick puts his money where his mouth is and goes on to defeat the LA Chargers. Not to mention that he donates one million dollars to charity to help raise awareness on oppression.

As he carried on with his actions, veterans and others around the country continued to voice their opinions. We asked ourselves, who would be the next person to voice their opinion! That person would be no other than President Barrack Obama who went out to say the following:


A few years later pass by and here we are in 2020 sitting at home, watching the news about the many protests around the country. So many people gathering to make their voices be heard in the fight against racism. Clearly, people around the nation started to hear these voices and see their efforts to bring awareness, with many leagues, celebrities, and so on making their statements. In example:

Difference Made

Could this be the moment where many around the NFL and around the country realize what Kaepernick was trying to do when his kneeling protest began?

Well, I certainly believe so. A rogue employee finally had enough and decided to give a platform to many in the league to make their voices be heard and bring the much needed change in the NFL that has been dreamed for by many of them.

Bryndon Minter, NFL creative producer, decided to take the very first step and slid into New Orleans, Michael Thomas’ DM.

A simple “Hey Mike” DM message that after 15 minutes got read, helped push across what could possibly be not only a major step forward for the NFL but could also help Colin Kaepernick back into NFL action after so many doors were closed following his kneeling protests. A few minutes later, after Bryndon Minter’s DM to Michael Thomas asking for a way to bring the subject to light to NFL Commissioner, players from across the league united to then make a meaningful message that would not only get the attention it needed, but it also reinforced standing together for the fight against racism. Take a look:

A few hours later, Roger Goodell would then take to Twitter from the basement of his home to make the following statement:


As cliché as it sounds for some of us to hear “Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t” this proves once again that it only takes one person to make the difference.

I am extremely humbled and inspired by the actions of so many to make their voices be heard to help be the change we hope to see in the world we currently live in. While I believe that there is still a long road ahead for some of the change that needs to happen in America, “it only takes one to make a difference” has never been clearer to me more than what it is now.

~Diego Galvis (@Diego_TheDJ)

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Diego Galvis

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