The Challenge War Of The Wolds Ep 2

The first question I have from the start: Is Josh the real deal? The dude seems fake and has too much energy. He is paired up with who I think is an underrated vet (Amanda). I KNEW WES WOULD RUN THIS CHALLENGE. AKA him and Hunt are tied together without anyone else knowing.

Challenge: Arms Are Getting Tired

This challenge is five minutes of grueling tug of war. The three teams with the most rope at the ends wins.

The Tribunal: Top three teams are safe from elimination, and get to choose three other teams that are up for elimination.

The three teams that won are: Josh/Amanda, Cara Maria/Theo, and Bananas/Morgan

Teams voted in: Ashley/Theo, Hunter/Georgia, Zach/Zachia

The Tribune is where the three teams that won have to interview each team they picked, one by one. This went pretty smooth considering Bananas was controlling the entire thing.

What I don’t get is that Hunter seems to get in all these fights. The dude should know by now that nothing good ever comes out of these big arguments. He has the potential to win the game and he’s willing to ruin it?

Then out of NOWHERE, Amanda drops a bomb on Jenna. Apparently, Zach was using the dating app Bumble after he was eliminated last season in South Africa.  Zach admits that this is true and all hell breaks loose.

So the Tribunal votes in individually which is huge. The final vote came down to Hunter/Georgia. They get to choose any team they want to accept the Tribunal.

And WHAT A MOVE BY HUNTER. HE CHOOSES ASHLEY the girl who stole $500,000 from him after he helped her win last season.

Drone Ball Drop: The Drone drops the ball in the middle of a circle. whoever gets their ball into their bin first wins. This is best to three. Ashley absolutely destroys Georgia in their first round…. Like it wasn’t even a competition. However, in the men’s heat, Hunter and Chase battle it out. Hunter ends up with the win.

OUT OF NOWHERE, Georgia ends the challenge with a W, sending Ashley and Chase home.

Connor Strayer (@CouchGuyBigC)

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