Honest Opinions About Week One Of Patriots Training Camp

Last week the New England Patriots kicked off training camp for the 2021 season. Yes, football is back. I was one of the many fans who attended all four days last week and got to see the beginning of the process that is training camp. Now, yes I am obviously a Patriots fan. Yes, I have been saying since day one that Cam Newton will be the starting quarterback. But, for the purpose of all this, I’m removing my bias and giving an honest report of what I saw from everyone during the first four days. So, here are my honest opinions about week one of Patriots training camp.

Day 1

Immediately the first observation was that on the first day fans were not there early like year’s past. Yes, it was on a Wednesday so people had work. But still, in past seasons you’d have to show up at 6:30 AM just to have a chance at having a decent seat. Maybe the fact that there were no autographs this year played a role into that. But, let’s talk about how day one went for the players.

When Cam took the field, he got a loud cheer, which is suprising since last season fans were calling for his job and were complaining on Twitter that the Patriots resigned him. Guess what, despite day one being the worst day overall for the team as a whole, Cam looked great. But so did the rookie, Mac Jones. Mac attack is what fans were shouting all four days and day one was his best day… we’ll get into that in a second. Mac has a lot to learn. But, hopefully he is the answer.

Day 2

Day two brought better weather since day one is was raining and depressing and not fun to sit in. The quarterback “battle” came to an end this day as Cam shined and Mac… struggled. Mac looked like a rookie on this day and let’s just say Patriots fans don’t like it when Mac is exposed for not being week one ready.

So other than the quarterback play what stood out? Nelson Agholor. Yes, one of the many newcomers to the team wide receiver Nelson Agholor. Agholor was making plays and looked dominant in drills.

So what about N’Keal Harry? As we all know, Harry requested a trade. However, he’s looked average so far. At this point it’s unknown if he will get traded, but if he doesn’t Harry is perfectly fine with that.

Day 3

Yes! A huge turnout finally at training camp! Days three and four the fans showed up and they were heard, just ask David Andrews who shared a quick smile with fans here.

Time to talk about the Boston TE party. Throughout the first four days, they looked great. Both Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith are going to bring back the double tight end offense that Josh McDaniels loves to run. Cam is going to have not one but two top ten tight ends to throw the ball to. Both players were great, they showed no signs of not knowing the playbook and they both will be leaders on the field this season.

This was the best day for the offense. Cam and Mac were throwing dimes and were constantly hitting the open receivers. This was the practice where Nelson Agholor really separated himself from the rest of the wide receivers and really looked like a number one receiver. I know, it’s weird saying that considering how bad he was in Philadelphia.

Day 4

Oh man the crowd was electric on day four. So was the defense. Yes, finally the defense finally gets a mention here. Cam, Mac, and Brian Hoyer all struggled against the defense. Easily the offensive line gave up five sacks to each quarterback. Kyle Dugger is taking a huge leap from year one to year two. The cornerbacks are also stepping up in Stephon Gilmore’s absense. Matt Judon is rushing the quarterback every play and Dont’a Hightower (who isn’t retiring) lead the charge. The Patriots are poised to have a top ten defense this year.

Final thoughts

So those are my honest opinions about week one of Patriots training camp. Yes they were brief, but that’s only because there’s just more to see and evaluate as training camp goes on. Cam Newton is the starting quarterback and Mac Jones is the backup. Fans need to deal with that. The defense looks sharp and out of all the receivers, it’s looking like Nelson Agholor will be the number one receiver on this team. Get excited Patriots fans!

Feature image from: boston.cbslocal.com

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-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter) 

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