Cam Newton Is The Starting Quarterback And Patriots Fans Need To Accept That

Last week, news broke that the San Francisco 49ers were trading up in next month’s draft. The 49ers traded up from the twelfth pick to the third pick, where they also offered future first round picks to the Miami Dolphins in order to secure the third pick. So what does that mean? It mean’s the 49ers want somebody that’s a top talent in the draft. Yes, it’s a quarterback. But only time will tell for which quarterback it will be that ends up in San Francisco. So what does this have to do with Cam Newton and the New England Patriots?

Jimmy G trade speculation

The second the trade was announed, just about every football fan took the Twitter to say that Jimmy G was going to be traded. Rightfully so. But, it’s been heavily specualted that the Patriots will make an offer for Jimmy G. News flash, they won’t. The Patriots have Cam Newton signed to a one year deal, which is fine. This is a redemption deal. Last season, Newton was set up to fail and that’s exactly what happened. Newton failed. Patriots fans aren’t shy to voice their uneducated hate about Newton either. Patriots fans quickly jumped to conclusions about Newton and now their focus is on Jimmy G. But again, he’s not coming here.

Move on from Jimmy G Pats fans

Okay, Jimmy G isn’t the same Jimmy G from during his short time in New England. He also isn’t the same Jimmy G that brought the 49ers to the Super Bowl. He’s the same as Cinderella’s slippers, which are glass. Plus, the Patriots have no interest in him. Why? Because they have Cam Newton. Look at what Cam Newton had to work with last season. He had a banged up Julian Edelman, a wide receiver core full of nobodies, tight end’s who weren’t that great, and Josh McDaniels’ horrible play calling. Not to mention the man had Covid as well which really did a number on him. But again, according to Patriots fans, he’s terrible even though that’s exactly what he was set up to be.

Give Newton a chance

He’s here and he’s not leaving. This season will not be like last season. It (hopefully) won’t be a Covid season. Cam will have a full offseason to work with his receivers and tight ends and he’ll have more of a chance to learn the playbook. Look at what New England did at the start of free agency. They gave Cam weapons. Now, Cam has players to throw the ball too. Before you even attempt to say it, yes, he is working on throwing the ball and he will have a training camp to work on reading coverages better. He’s going to have a massive improvement and he will silence all of his haters in New England.

Final thoughts

Stop hating on him. Last season wasn’t normal for anyone. Plus, it’s a nice breath of fresh air to see a different style of quarterback play. Accept the change in New England. Remember, Newton had flashes last season of greatness. It’ll happen more often. Again, stop hating on the guy when he was set up to fail in New England last season. Now, he’s set up to succeed. Watch what happens. He’ll do great and his haters will have nothing to say and they’ll be wanting him back in New England. Seriously, fans judge way too quickly.

-Matt Burnett (@mattthew_jordan on Twitter)



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