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One of if not my favorite times of the baseball season is approaching fast. The Home Run derby is taking place on Monday July 10th at Marlins Park in Miami, Florida. This year should be very actioned packed with a lot more moon shots than not. Especially with the guys like Stanton and Judge participating this year. The rest of the participants are Dodgers LF Cody Bellinger, Royals 3B Mike Blackmon, Twins 3B Miguel Sano, Rockies CF Charlie Blackmon, Marlins 1B Justin Bour and Yankees Catcher Gary Sanchez.

I think it will be pretty easy to guess who will be in the final round of the derby but lets just break down the match ups to get us there. During the first round Stanton is facing off against Gary Sanchez. Sorry Sanchez but you had no business being in this anyway so Stanton wins easily to move on. The next match up is Moustakas vs Sano, this is going to be a good match up but I see Sano having an impressive round and beating out Moustakas. Next is Blackmon against Bellinger, HUGE Blackmon fan but i’m going with the young(er) gun in Cody Bellinger. Finally the absolute monster in Aaron Judge battling Justin Bour, I think this is another very interesting match up that will have many tape measure blast but Aaron Judge is Aaron Judge so I think he beats out Bour.

GUYS MOVING ON TO ROUND 2: Stanton, Sano, Bellinger, Judge.

This sets us up for a semi-finals match up between Stanton and Sano and Judge and Bellinger. I think once again Blackmon two of these guys just don’t stand a chance and have to deal with that. I think Sano will put up a fight but in the end is just no match for the reigning Home Run derby champ in Stanton. Bellinger is a fun kid to watch but reminds me a lot of his teammate unfortunately Peterson and can see him getting tired out faster than he expected.


This is where the fun begins, Goliath vs Goliath Jr. Stanton is the original goliath so sorry Judge Sonority rules. Just thinking about this matchup gets me amped up! Stanton defending his title and the Judge holding court down in Miami, now that is must see TV. This is a hard matchup for me to decide but I have to go with Stanton with him returning to this event and usually this event does not bode well for first time participants. Plus he is a Yankee so I can’t pull for a Yankee right?


This is going to be a home run derby to remember and it already has my blood pumping in excitement for it! Monday cant come soon enough!

Written By: Kevin Perdios (@Perdios95)

One thought on “Home Run Derby Preview

  • July 10, 2017 at 3:13 pm

    I think this HR could be a toss up….There are usually a lot of upsets so I do not expect both Stanton and Judge to reach the final round.


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