Brady and Gisele Pull off the “Long Con”

So, if you haven’t already heard, Tom Brady is releasing a book this coming September.  The book is called The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance.  That’s great for Tom, he seems like he really has something set up for his post football career.  However, while he is still playing, don’t you think that makes it a little easy for his opponents to just purchase the book and find out all of his secrets to staying in tip top shape over all these years?  Or is it all just a scam, and contains same thing you would read in any old book about fitness, just with Brady’s name on it? We won’t know for sure until it’s released, but this announcement comes with quite a coincidence.

Two months ago, Tom’s wife Gisele made comments about how Brady had concussions last year, and how he always plays through concussions.  This caused quite a startle but after a few weeks was pretty much swept under the rug.  Very recently Tom addressed those comments, saying that he does not believe that he sustained and concussions.  His reasoning is that he keeps it mind, head, and body all in tip top shape to avoid having any of these injuries or ailments.  And then suddenly the announcement of this book in the past week, hmm…

Maybe this was the plan all along.  Maybe that is why Gisele made the comments in the first place, and why Brady followed it up by speaking about how well he maintains himself.  He didn’t write this book in a couple of days.  They were planning to try to make a killing off of this book two months ago.  Gisele’s comments started this long con that they are pulling.  They have continued that plan over the past two months, and these two celebrities are playing people from Connecticut to Maine like a finely tuned violin.  What a business model Tom, I hope that you continue to be as sly as you have since we fell victim to your good looks in 2001.

Written By: Jake Kobierski (@TheRealKobe83)

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