High’s And Low’s: NXT TakeOver Stand And Deliver Night Two

Night number two was fantastic. So much greatness happened last night on Peacock. It just came to show that the two hours of television time with commercials and such was not enough for night one to get to the level that it could have gone to. Night two was astronomically better than night one, because they didn’t have to worry about a commercial break. If night one’s main event was on night two it would have been a lot better. With that being said here are my high’s and low’s of NXT TakeOver Stand and Deliver Night Two.


High: Unsanctioned Match

This was one of the best main events that I think that I have ever seen at a NXT TakeOver event. This unsanctioned match between two best friends was one of the more gruesome matches I have seen over the last couple of years. Some people thought the match was too long, and I thought they deserved every second that they got last night. This was a much needed win for Kyle O’Reilly as he will look to be NXT’s next star.

Having him get a win of this magnitude was a great thing that NXT did. They also did a good job at building this story from start to finish. This was my match of both shows and it had me sports entertained every second that the match went on.


Low: Undisupted Cruiserweight Title Ladder Match

I expected a lot more out of this ladder match with these two competitors. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case last night. The chemistry between the two cruiserweights wasn’t there last night. It just looked like they weren’t on the same page last night. Shout out to Jordan Devlin who competed in his first match since the beginning of the pandemic. He looked great last night in the ladder match. The only thing that I didn’t like about this match is the lack of chemistry that was between the two. If their feud continues I could see their matches getting better and better. For now it was my low of the night.

Final Thoughts: 

I thought night two overall was so much better than night one. All the matches were great for the most part. Also the fact that they didn’t have to rush the product as well made it that much better. I am excited to see what NXT looks like on Tuesday nights and I am curious to what feuds we will see next.


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-Chris Jones (@cjoneswho1212)

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