Gritty Will Literally Murder You

We are past the point of jokes here.  This is a dead serious Public Service Announcement. Gritty doesn’t look like the kind of person to make an idle threat. I mean he beat the piss out of that kid at a Flyers game (allegedly).

Do you think he will have any qualms about giving people who are mean to The Phanatic a dirt nap? If I were those people I would go back and start deleting tweets. There’s no judge in Philadelphia that would convict Gritty in a court of law. And if you aren’t scared of Gritty might I remind you he hangs around the likes of this guy.

So be careful out there in these internet streets everybody. For all we know this is his initiation into the Galapagos Gang.  You mess with Philly, you get the mascots.

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-Jon Sensi (@jon_sensi)

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